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Rose Garden Dream


The Band:
(The Joe) Legend, Emperor MAR- Vocals, Production, Keyboards, Electronica, Feedback
Joenan- Guitars, Vocals, Human Beat Box
Egg/Muzzz- Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
   The name came from a story about a band that Emperor MAR wrote back in 1998/1999. The name of the band in that story came from Emperor MAR's idea that it would be funny to name a band New because it would really mix up radio DJs. Emperor MAR used to write concept albums (lyrics & ideas only) & the first was title New & had the song New on it & the band was to be called New so that took the DJ confusion level to the max. Emperor MAR had three concept bands which he wrote lyrics for & they were New, Tripple Seven, & MARS. So that is where all the band names came from.
   The actual band New was formed in September 2002 by (The Joe) Legend & Joenan after being in the band The Oatmeal Phrase together. The band became known as New after the unplanned first day of recording for what would become Piemerican Disc (see September ??, 2002 performance entry & Piemerican Disc #1). Joenan wanted to know what to call the cd & (The Joe) picked & wrote NEW on it from then on the band took that name.
   The Unmastered Piemerican Disc was released October 2002 to various people those same people also got the better final audio version when it became available. One of the persons who obtained Piemerican Disc was Egg/Muzzz. Egg/Muzzz became part of the band around January 2003 first as a drummer because Lifeway had a drum set. Egg/Muzzz didn't own his own drums. It is said by Joenan that YEC 2003 was where Egg/Muzzz decided that he wanted to play guitar.
   Also in January 2003 New took on a second band name of Tripple Seven & began to try to make serious songs. Because of Tripple Seven New as a band kinda phased out creatively. In January 2004 New resurged with the excellent new song Muddy Socks which Joenan & Egg/Muzzz played many times.
   New decided that it no longer wanted to operate under numerous names & became Rose Garden Dream. New officially ended with the release of Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition on June 17, 2004 which released every recorded track by New on one cd.

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Performance Entries:
September ??, 2002; September ??, 2002; Fall/Winter 2002;
January 12, 2003; January 12, 2003; May 17, 2003; May 18 & 24, 2003; June 5, 2003; January 2004
New:  Main but outdated website of New
Piemerican Disc : Webpage from early 2003
New From Piemerica:  Original website of New from Oct. 5, 2002
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Rose Garden Dream
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