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Brandon Russell as Egg/Muzzz, Eggabalt Muzzington
Role:  Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keyboards
Member of:  Tripple Seven, Rose Garden Dream, New, khyber.pass, Dawn Chorus
Making Meaty Music in the Abattoir.
I was first introduced to real music performance by Joenan in the summer of 2002. He trained me at first on the bass guitar, but I was slowly quit playing it.
Later that year, I met (The Joe) Legend and, subsequently, Emperor MAR. I heard MARS' music and started to play the drums at Lifeway Baptist Church on Wednesdays with Joenan on guitar and Emperor MAR on keyboard. I was terrible at drums.
At the beginning of 2003 (March/April), I went to the YEC and heard a band play. From that day on, I was sure that I wanted to play guitar, and I would try as hard as possible to be the best. Joenan taught me for a long time while I was learning RADIOHEAD songs myself. I soon began writing my own songs. I'm still learning, but now I'm satisfied with my abilities.
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Performance Entries:
Fall/Winter 2002; January 12, 2003; Spring? 2003; Early Summer? 2003; November 7, 2003; December 31, 2003; January 2004; May 28, 2004; June 11, 2004; July 20, 2004; September 17, 2004
Im in the various bands of Piemerica, too. And...umm...we own the radio, so dont bother buying a new one. We already have it. ::Squints maniacally::

Rose Garden Dream
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