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Michael Aaron Reyes as Emperor MAR, (The Joe) Legend
Role:  Vocals, Production, Electronica, Keyboards, Drums, Guitars, Feedback
Member of:  MARS, New, Tripple Seven, Rose Garden Dream, The Oatmeal Phrase
   Emperor MAR started music with song parodies in Pie comics in February 1998. Emperor MAR imagined stories of various bands. He would make "albums" & track titles sometimes along with concept artwork. The first concept band was named Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally which was later followed by New, Tripple Seven, & MARS. Some titles from P-I-E did live on to later be used such as Minds 1-14 & The Estate of Track 13.
   In April 1999 Emperor MAR began to actually write lyrics for these concept albums but he thought the band's song titles &/or album names of the Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally band too immature. So he started first writing lyrics for the band New later followed by Tripple Seven & MARS. The lyrics came from songs Emperor MAR would make up in his head which were based off of the preexisting song titles. Emperor MAR wrote lyrics for these concept albums for many years (until he began being in real bands). The lyrics to all the songs can be found here.
   In the year 2000 Emperor MAR & (The Joe) made & sang various comedic songs.
   February 24, 2001 Emperor MAR bought a Yamaha PSF-6 Keyboard. He didn't really learn to play it at all. However on June 12, 2001 Emperor MAR wrote his first bits of music (More Than Less). He still didn't really play but he tried to make bits of music for various songs he wrote (Losing Skyline, Keep your Praises.. In My..., Negative 8, BCDDCB). October 18, 2001 Emperor MAR for the first time recorded his music on The Omaha Nebraska Tape. (The Joe) Legend & Joenan formed The Oatmeal Phrase which was basically a pseudo band.
   During the making of his second video game Emperor MAR was introduced (in a round about way from {the Joemeister{) to midi & making music on the computer. Then band New formed from the remains of The Oatmeal Phrase & Emperor MAR recorded the music of the band & some of his own electronic tracks to create the first music album in Piemerican history Piemerican Disc. He continued to work in bands & on making his own electronic music. Eventually he began to make music under the title that came from his final concept band MARS which stands for Michael Aaron Reyes Songs. The vast majority of Emperor MAR's music was made as MARS.

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