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First EraSecond Era
The Pseudo Band Story Arc:  The story begins where a band asks for Emperor MAR's singing talents on an album because their lead singer (named Jake Larson) has some sort of illness (ex: Help Me, Thank You). The band lineup is dubbed New as is the album. New hits it big enough with their obsessive cover of Black Lab's Wash it Away to pay for the hospital bills and all move on. Emperor MAR then starts a project where he records concerts preformed in a field dubbed Tripple Seven, the albums are released much later on in volumes as types of 'long lost gems' of Emperor MAR. Emperor MAR founds Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally and it becomes the world's greatest and most popular band. Emperor MAR does a solo album under the name MARS (Michael Aaron Reyes Songs). New then reunites for the album Silence and a long lost studio album of Tripple Seven's is unearthed. Around this time the story line is dropped, as is P-I-E. Tripple Seven becomes the main band of focus with New and MARS releases coming along as desired. The releases are still sequenced but no longer carry an official story line.
Writing Era Starts Over- After completely writing most of the concept albums it was decided to start rewriting the albums all over again. This time a different story line is in place where several releases predate the New album and the band grows from a three piece (Rebel Against the Rebels) and increases with each release. Some of these albums were finished or partially finished but work on the pseudo bands ended when Emperor MAR began to participate in real bands and from that point on wrote songs independently rather than pre-titled for pseudo albums. The album Old as well as a pseudo box-set, Norvon Mac, was written to be a unit when Emperor MAR went back and wrote as many songs with his old titles as he could.
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Concepted Bands
NewTripple Seven albums are in VolumesMARS
New (Original)0Sneaking SuspicionDoom Out Break
New (2nd)1LostOriginals
Pay Later3RefinementDrinking Out of Strange Things
Atlantis Box Set4Pure ColdEpics Box Set
D1- Atlantis5Long TitlesD1- Before
D2- Double Vision6The Hills Are Alive with DeathD2- F.C. 4
D3- The Pillar Filled Horisons Along Altimeir's River On A Black Night7All Out Radically Receptive RockD3- After
D4- Eternal Winter8History of A Forgotten FutureChristmas Faster Louder & More Rock'n
D5- Backwards Yellow Letters8.5Beyond 100%Beyond 100%
D6- Rejecting Sound9OUTSTANDINGSelf Titled Album
Beyond 100%10KFC Tribute/The Pie AlbumThe Final Living Contact
Newer11Untouched/Para El Cari˝o De Mi Amimaci˛n
Pay Up12Reflections/Bob vs. Bob
Still Alive & Still Not Well13Enornal Fornitude
14Field of Dreams & Screams
15The Final Living Contact
Era Starts Over
NewRebel Against the RebelsDoom Out Break
OldWalking the FenceOriginals
ExposedBackwards Yellow Letters
Shouting Out Our Secrets
Losing Skyline
Other Concepted Bands
Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyOne World Nation
Catastrosphere the Ultimate Lawn SimulatorCatastrosphere the Ultimate Lawn Simulator
Catastrosphere the Ultimate Lawn SimulatorTyrants of the Deep
No NameI Could make a career out of this?

Note red releases are ones that were planned but were never released, finished, or they were concept only.
Concepted bands' songs were written lyrics only.
1998-2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
[The New Era]
Shouting Out Our Secrets (Alternate Version)

[Unused Song Titles]
The Unotherized Title of a Song that has never been written is the name of this song.
If you think it's Necessary for a song with a long title has to be long you are very stupid. The title of this song is longer than the lyrics of the song is. In case you didn't know this is the title.
Komo Estotic
Slaughter House
My Children are on crack & won't give me any
The Greatest Song of All Time
Joe When We Have to
My Name is Joe
Ham and Cheese SoDuh
[Fake Songs] Commaing Crackers