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Ditched Projects
The Extremely Incomplete Recordings of (The Joe), Expelious B, Untitled New Album, Shouting Out Our Secrets, Wake, Piemerican Disc 2,

These projects were ones which were planned (Expelious B) or ones which were just thought up for the distant future & the songs had not been worked on (Wake). This is why not all songs appear on the Songs list on this site. Also the final 2 entries may still be somewhat planned.

The Extremely Incomplete Recordings of (The Joe)

Track list:
1. Retarded Snake Dance
2. Green Carrot
3. Food
4. Savage Beatings Song 1
5. Savage Beatings Song 2:  Savage Putrid Ninja Beatings
6. Savage Beatings Song 3:  Savage Beating
7. Savage Beatings Song 4:  Savage On the Beating
8. Savage Beatings Song 5
9. Savage Beatings Song 6
10. Amazing Pie! How Sweet the Taste
11. Irish Jig Tune
12. EnLarge
13. I know a Cat
14. Punch My Cat in the Face
15. Drink a Book in my Face
16. The Story of Life
17. The Oatmeal Phrase
18. Large Breasted Men (aka me)
19. The Moral
20. Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Theme Song
21. Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Theme Song 2
22. ¿Something Down?
23. Malitia
24. How's It Gonna Taste?
25. Semi-Charred Pie
26. Prankster's A
27. Zimbabwe Oops! I mean Artie & Artie
28. This is what I sound & when I be do
29. Refreshments
30. Control- unscented special clean but not pure white. Peanut butter zero hundred and won.
31. Radically Repetitive Rock
32. 438 565
33. After i Died Before I Lived I was Born
34. The Chair Song
35. A One Hour Story Captured in 5 Seconds
36. Daze
37. Jump Out
Additional Information:
The Extremely Incomplete Recordings of (The Joe) was an album planned by (The Joe) & Vice President Piff to release classic Piemerican songs in 2000, many of which were later released on Piemerican Disc. The album was to be a video recording with Piff & a band of his doing the music with (The Joe) "singing" but nothing ever came of it.
In December of 2000 (The Joe) & Laslo PanafleX
performed a pseudo commercial for this release after their Disease Jelly commercial.

Lyrics  & Song Info.
Performance info.
Planned Tracklist PaperPlanned Tracklist Paper
Expelious B

Track list:
1. Far
2. Yellow Blues
4. Shouting Out Our Secrets
5. As Victory Rose
6. Flood Waters
7. Uncanny
8. Scrib
Additional Information:
The track listing was considered as final. BCDDCB, Uncanny, & Shouting Out Our Secrets were the only songs which the entire band needed to practice & written.
Egg/Muzzz's part to Yellow Blues was recorded but Joenan's was not, which was the lead. So Blue Yellows was released on
Expelious A with Egg/Muzzz's Guitar & some other things by Emperor MAR.
Scrib was recorded & is released in full on
Scrib (for Ever.) as was always the plan.
The Expelious version of Scrib (edited version) was intended for this album but was released on
Expelious A.
As Victory Rose was recorded but vocals were never put to it like originally intended.
The others just never had a good recording situation.

These are the completions or remnants of recordings for this album
A part from Yellow Blues became Blue Yellows released on
Expelious A
As Victory Rose had no vocals recorded & became As Victory Rose (instrumental) released on Expelious A and also had various other mixes done.
Scrib went as planned & was released in full on Scrib (for Ever.) and the Expelious Version appeared on Expelious A.

Expelious B was officially ditched as a project upon the formation of Rose Garden Dream & the Release of
Expelious A. Expelious B was planned to be made from around January 2003-June 2004 add that to the actual recordings of songs for it & that makes it the most worked on Ditched release.
Untitled New Album
"More Likely"
Iceburg Ripoff
Ok Now
Fun Sucks!!
Wake Up
The Moral
Cheap Desk
Lemons in the Eyes of Children
Lunch Fat Ryme (Full Version)
Green Carrot (w/ better vocals)
"Less Likely"
Immobile Dream Machine
Story of Life
I Made You Out of Bacon
Additional Information:
A list of tracks presented to the band for potential future album.
Shouting Out Our Secrets
Track list:
1. Shouting Out Our Secrets
2. This Side Up
3. Cheap Desk
4. Devastation/Watch Your Whispers
Additional Information:
A reasonably planned single which was going to contain the Expelious B version of Shouting Out Our Secrets.  Also This Side Up & Cheap Desk had been written by Egg/Muzzz. There was talk about making a video for Cheap Desk. Emperor MAR never heard Cheap Desk played but Egg/Muzzz read him the lyrics of This Side Up.
Shout it Out Loud
He Became. We Become.
Wake Up
Fynil Seen (Wut a Disaster)
"Unwritten but noted as definite"
Expelious Sea
Let Them Know
Day by Day
Keep your Praises.. In My...
Thank You
More Than Less
Could be
I Made You Out of Bacon
Who Will I be Today?
Immobile Dream Machine
Additional Information:
Alternate title was Expelious C
I labeled some tracks as NC but I don't remember what that means.
There were 3 different times that tracks were looked at for this, the first in April? 2003.
Piemerican Disc 2
"More Likely"
What the Rivets Swore Happened (New Version)
Iceburg Ripoff
Walking Monster
What the Rivets Swore Against
I know a Cat
Lives Out
Story of Life
Prankster's Ace
The Moral
Climbing A Spiral Staircase In The Dark (extended)
Green Carrot (better vocals)
Tree Farm
Lunch Fat Ryme (Full)
Lemons in the Eyes of Children
What the Eat? (Remix)
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Theme Song 2
"Other Possibilities"
Savage Beatings Songs 2-6
¿Something Down?
Mechanical Moon Mansion
2 Cent Holiday Vacation
This is what I sound & when I be do
Dimes Are My Natural Enemies
The Chair Song
"Completely Ditched"
W1 (remix)
Additional Information:
What the Rivets Swore Happened (New Version) was officially recorded for Piemerican Disc 2 but the project was ditched & it then appeared on
Backtracking & Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition

Muddy Socks
Life is Crazy
A Night to Remember
Every Hero
For Them
Iceburg Ripoff
Menu Music
Additional Information:
Planned to be the first Rose Garden Dream album.
Much of the songs were written by Joenan & Egg/Muzzz (music & lyrics) so they were mostly complete. The 3 band members weren't able to get together at the same time nor were there good times/ways to record as usual.

Rose Garden Dream
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