Rose Garden Dream
Paper Rocket

Paper Rocket  :25
Paper Rocket (Remix by DJ Ashole) 1:07
I said to the duck
that "it must suck to be a duck"
but the duck said "no
it's actually great
because we can all talk
& it's a secret to all humans
except for you
so now you must die"

Additional Information:
Lyrics by (The Joe)
Music by Corey Spicer
Vocals by (The Joe)
Guitar by Corey Spicer
Recorded by (The Joe)

An old song, not sure how old but certainly a classic.
The title came form a piece of paper where
Emperor MAR wrote various song title ideas on, Iceburg Ripoff was a title on that paper as well.

This song inspired many ripoffs of itself which are: 
rim'd plate, shoe lice, pikit steam
been closed was originally written to be one

Paper Rocket (Remix by DJ Ashole) is an erratic remix done by the same person who did the vast (Marklar Space Junkie Remix)

Download MP3:  417.1K

Appears on:  Piemerican Disc; Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition

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Rose Garden Dream
2002-2005 Piemerica