Rose Garden Dream
Book to Drink

Book to Drink  13:28
Incomplete Lyrics:
[constantly repeating]
I sure would like a book to drink.
Me too! [x5]

Why don't you just go to the library?
Here here's a book I found it in my bag.
Why do you keep saying that?
Why don't you take the book that I'm trying to give you?
Shut up!
Why do you keep talking about drinking books when you're not even doing it?
You're like talking to a broken record.
Why won't you drink the book that I'm trying to give you?
So you'd like a book to drink huh?
Well why don't you drink this book right here!
You're never satisfied are you?
You'd like a book to drink but you won't drink it.
Drink the Book!
Ah finally.
Drink a Book then!
Stop telling me you want a book to drink!
Just drink it!
Drink the book man!
Drink the book.
Well then drink one.
C'mon there's a library across the street man.
Just come on over there & we can drink some books.
C'mon all you have to do is walk over there.
Look we can we can get in my car we can drive over there if you want to.
Stop saying that.
drink.. Drink a book man.
Stop talking about drinking books & do it.
Why won't you drink the book?
What is wrong with you?
Why won't you drink the book?
You're a lost cause man.
You're never gonna drink a..
yeah finally drink the book alright
Finished already?
Am I gonna have to get another book?
Look man that's the only book I had.
Just come on over to the library with me.
Someone's at the door man.
I gotta get the door.
Stop saying that so I can answer the door.
They're knocking with both hands.
Shut up!
Stop saying you want a book to drink!
Ah alright they stopped knocking.
But you're still talking about you wanting to drink..
a book to drink.
You already drank one.
How many books can you stomach?
Why don't you drink another book?
Wh.. Why don't you come to the library with me?
Don't you understand there's lots of books over there.
(?)There's(?) lots of books.
So many books to drink.
Never have to stop drinking books

Additional Information:
Written & Recorded by Emperor MAR
Vocals by Emperor MAR
Keyboards by Emperor MAR
Most Likely Written/Recorded October 5, 2002
Book to Drink Vocal Sample Recorded July 30, 2002

This song was improv.
The song was meant to end around the 8 min mark with
Emperor MAR's character shooting the Book to Drink character but the gunshot sound Emperor MAR made was not loud enough so the song continued.

Used as background music for It's Winter which was a power point presentation made as a class project for Ecology class. The performance was so successful that it was presented again in front of another class (which gave a better response).
The song was far longer than the presentation & that is why it was picked so (The Joe) would surely have time to do the presentation.
Due to the Ecology classes hearing it that likely makes it the most heard song in 
Piemerican Disc history (Around 40-60 people).

Download MP3:  13M
Music Video

The Music Video was made for the purpose of people to be able to listen to the epic song online (mp3 was too big), there is nothing special about it.

Appears on:  Piemerican Disc; Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition
Book to Drink Promo Cover

Rose Garden Dream
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