Rose Garden Dream
Lemons in the Eyes of Children

Lemons in the Eyes of Children  1:47
Got a job in the city selling lemons
& put'n sludge up the cement mend(?)

but the mixers went up(?) sour
took things & we shoved them up people's chimneys
cause they didn't like their children
& we didn't want Santa Claus to come home circular
Lemons in the eyes brown of children
Lemons in the eyes of..
so we got another job a couple of weeks later
& we sold lemons at the tree stand sour cause it was a tree
& with lemons in the eyes of children burning
we don't like them ???
lemons choking in the eyes of children
& we'd squeeze the lemons
(?)just to see how(?) the children's eyes got burned grocery store

Lemons broke cheese
(?) in the eyes of children
because we don't like them

Additional Information:
Music by Corey Spicer & Andrew Wayland
Lyrics by (The Joe)
Vocals by  (The Joe) & Corey Spicer
Guitar by Corey Spicer
Recorded by (The Joe)
Performed:  August 0?, 2002; January 12, 2003

The guitar of this song was written by Corey Spicer & Andrew Wayland while in The Oatmeal Phrase.
The song's lyrics were improv
(The Joe)  said "we're going to record a song about lemons" & then Joenan played an old tune & they were off.
Orange words are ones spoken by Joenan during recording.

Lemons in the Eyes of Soundcheck is based on this song

Download MP3:  1.7M

Appears on:  Piemerican Disc; Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition

Rose Garden Dream
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