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Lunch Fat Ryme

Lunch Fat Ryme  :53
Lunch Fat Ryme Remix 1:16
Piemerican Disc Lyrics:
It's lunch time
I got a lunch fat rhyme
gonna go to lunch
eat a whole bunch ah yeah
drank cola go it all up in my molar
make me sad I spent my last quarter
You say I eat too slow & I ain't got enough time
I eat my lunch as fast as a mime come on
It's lunch time ah yeah
it's lunch time I got a lunch fat rhyme
gonna go to lunch eat a whole bunch ah yeah
it's lunch time lunch time...

Original Written Lyrics:
It's lunch time. I got a Lunch Fat Ryme.
Gonna go to lunch eat a whole bunch.
Drank cola got it all up in my molar. makes me sad I spent my last quarter
I'm gonna eat lunch w/a lemon & a lime
Say you eat too slow & I ain't gott enough time I eat my lunch as fast as a mine.
Don't Know what we're gonna have tomorrow & It fills me w/ such sorrow.
A menu I would like to borrow.
The pizza smells like feet. Uh, I think I'll get me another piece, uh.
These puppets look like crumpets
My stomach is puff'n now I"ll eat a muffin

Additional Lyrics:  Written May 5, 2003
Ate Duck but then it got stuck
Stuck in my teeth so I had to pluck
This toothpick seems so useless but I"ll have to make do till I go toothless
Drank soup then I had to poop
Saw pie it caught my eye
if I eat anymore I think I'm gonna die
Saw health food
Can't eat health food
I'd rather melt down my shoe
It lunch time gonna munch on a lime
I eat so much they made it a crime
Eat Stake! Then I'm gonna bake a baked potato with diced tomato this ain't no play-doh
Every thing's toxic if you eat it as much as I do
If it's all you can eat I'll eat until I break my seat
Food sources of the world will deplete into negative numbers!
I'll eat it all!
Because it is lunch time!
Yeah It's lunch time
Additional Information:
Written Aug. 1, 2001
Written & Recorded by (The Joe)
Vocals by (The Joe)
Human Beatbox by Joenan
Performed:  August 1, 2001; November 2002; Fall/Winter 2002; January 12, 2003; May 16, 2005; October 27, 2006

Lunch Fat Ryme Remix:
A totally different recording of Lunch Fat Ryme which was then remixed.
Made with a rubber stamp & some termites.

Music by (The Joe) & Emperor MAR
Recorded by
Emperor MAR

(The Joe)'s rapping is said to resemble Digital Underground.

Written during lunch time at Church Camp in 2001, Lunch Fat Ryme may be the funnest song on Piemerican DiscJoenan had a huge sore in his lip after recording the song. This song utilizes the rap classic "fat beat"

Download MP3:  Lunch Fat Ryme 874.4K; Lunch Fat Ryme Remix 1.3M;
Lunch Fat Ryme Remix [old] 1.2M;Lunch Fat Ryme (Sing along) 858.7K;
Lunch Fat Ryme (Underwater Mix) 857.9K

Appears on:  Piemerican Disc; Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition; Wool Wolves

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Other Versions that appear on
Rippn up Lettuce <-PM; Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition
Lunch Fat Ryme Remix  [old]- Preremixed version of Lunch Fat Ryme Remix that is said to resemble the old basketball percussion commercials
Lunch Fat Ryme (Sing along)- has only the beat box track
Lunch Fat Ryme (Underwater Mix)- bizarre watery mix
Other Version:
Hungry Man's Lunch Fat Ryme- Live recorded performance from
May 16, 2005 which is basically the same as the Piemerican Disc version except (The Joe)was kinda hungry when he rapped it.

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