Rose Garden Dream
Scrib (for Ever.)

Scrib (for Ever.)  67:31
InstrumentalAdditional Information:
Written & played by
Emperor MAR April 5, 2003 & June 25, 2003

Contains samples of the songs cP but none in its original form.
Contains a sample from the MARS song Death.
See Tripple Seven song info page

First released online in midi pieces August 1, 2003
Appears on: 
Scrib (for Ever.)
Also known as Scrib (for Ever.) Full

Download MP3:  Scrib (for Ever.) Full 162.1M; Scrib (for Ever.) [Expelious Version] 93.3M; Scrib (for Ever.) Alternate Ending 4.6M

Other Versions:
Scrib (for Ever.) Alternate Ending appears on:  Rippn up Lettuce <-PM; Expelious A
Scrib (for Ever.) [Expelious Version] appears on: Expelious A

Scrib (for Ever.) Alternate Ending
is 4:45 in length
Scrib (for Ever.) [Expelious Version] is 38:52 in length

The Expelious version of Scrib (edited version) was intended for Expelious B but was released on Expelious A when that project was ditched.
Single Covers:

Egg/Muzzz is the figure on this cover.

Rose Garden Dream
2003-2005 Piemerica