Rose Garden Dream
Shouting Out Our Secrets

Shouting Out Our Secrets (Rebel Edition)  2:35
Start shouting out our secrets (3x)
Shouting out our secrets
Stop sending off those offers.
start showing them the father.

Cause if they don't know how
& you don't show 'em how,
they ain't gonna know.
Get out there make a change.
Start shouting out our secrets (3x)
Shouting out our secrets
& if you're not mov'n
you're not mak'n
you're not changing at all
The loss of our sins are we reealiizi'n?
Start shouting out our secrets (3x)
Shouting out our secrets

Extended Lyrics
Additional Information:
Lyrics written April 26, 2001 & ???
Lyrics by Emperor MAR
Music by Emperor MAR, Corey Spicer, & (The Joe)
Guitar by Corey Spicer
Sung by (The Joe) unfortunately
Recorded by (The Joe)
Performed:  Summer 2002; January 12, 2003; Spring 2003; May 27, 2003; Early Summer 2003; November 7, 2003

This song was first attempted to be musicalized by (The Joe) Legend & }The Joemeister{ of The Oatmeal Phrase but failed horribly then too.

Rebel Edition was titled such due to Joenan dropping his pick &
(The Joe) taking it as a refusal to play the song.

This song certainly showcases the raw idiotude, refusal to practice, & do only one take style that NEW had.

This serious song has been retooled over & over but has still been ditched. The band looks at it as the song that they will hopefully get right. It has been practiced at most every practice ever had as New or Tripple Seven.

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Appears on:  Piemerican Disc; Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition

Other Version:
Shouting Out Our Secrets (bass line)

Rose Garden Dream
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