Rose Garden Dream
(The Joe)'s Theme Song

(The Joe)'s Theme Song  1:24
no no no no no
Mal! Mal lal!
mal lal lal lal lal laal
mal lal lal lal laa
mal lal lal lal lal laal
mal lal lal lal laaa
(repeat as wanted)
Additional Information:
Lyrics By:  (The Joe)
Music by (The Joe), Corey Spicer, & Emperor MAR
Recorded by (The Joe) September 2002
Date Written:  Sometime in 2000 or 2001.

Vocal parody of An Irish Lullaby
Vocals & strange sounds by (The Joe)
Guitar by Corey Spicer
Performed:  October 18, 2001; September 2002

A song made by (The Joe) which was based on around the funny of blinding idiocy similar to retarded snake speak.
This song, somewhat known to some others, was recorded on The Omaha Nebraska Tape.
The Omaha Nebraska Tape version of the song is certainly the best of all that have been done. It contained a bizarre & scary intro done with a high pitched voice breathing in done by Emperor MAR. Eventually this part turned into an awesome sounding abyss fall (no...) which gave way to a mutation sounding experience & led into the previously thought up theme song. The song ended with an insane & painful screaming (mal lal lal lal lal laal). The song was somewhat duplicated for Piemerican Disc but, even with the adding of extra effects & Joenan's guitar playing never sounded as good or insane again.

(The Joe):  "Originally a mental conception which I came up with to listen to in my head as I walked around"
(The Joe) about The Omaha Nebraska Tape version:  "My throat was sore for weeks after I did the ending scream, the one on Piemerican Disc was very tame compared to it."

Download MP3:  (The Joe)'s Theme Song 1.4M; (The Joe)'s Theme Song [old] 1.4M

Appears on:  Piemerican Disc; Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition

Other Versions:
(The Joe)'s Theme Song [original] Appeared on:  The Omaha Nebraska Tape
(The Joe)'s Theme Song [old] Appears on:  Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition; Rippn up Lettuce <-PM

(The Joe)'s Theme Song [old] is an earlier mix of the final version which appears on Piemerican Disc

Rose Garden Dream
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