Rose Garden Dream
Tree Farm

Tree Farm  2:26
Never wanted to go the tree farm
since I lost my eyebrows
Never wanted to stay in the big log cabin
because it was made out of the tree farm
& Oh those days
when I used to think about the tree farm
it was the time when I loved cabbage & sauerkraut
but it was a nightmare & it never happened
On a tree farm part two people
& the tree farm the apples will take their breath away(?)
On a tree farm
So come out on a tree farm
The tree farm  make us look like trees
cause I have a thing that looks like
& I wear the clothes that make me look like a tree
& I'm waiting for the guy to play
so I just have to ramble on for a while
ramble on for a while
about the beloved tree farm
oh that (?) tree farm
Additional Information:
Lyrics by (The Joe)
Music by Corey Spicer
Vocals by (The Joe)
Guitar by Corey Spicer
Recorded by (The Joe)
Performed:  January 12, 2003
Tree Farm Video Shoot June 5, 2003

This song was improv during it's recording

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Appears on:  Piemerican Disc; Piemerican Disc Bonus Edition

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Other Version:
Tree Farm (Dis)
Appears on: Dismemories by MARS

Tree Farm

Rose Garden Dream
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