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At Ease Sampler Album (Compilation spearheaded & assembled by Emperor MAR)
Glen Phillips 2005-7-13 (Taped by Emperor MAR)

Audio Fornitude: 32 Short Tracks
Clear Your Throat Positively:  179kb MP3
A Real Traffic Jam: 149kb MP3
Barry's Advice for Graduates 25kb MP3

Golfulating IV- May 30, 2005
Title 64Kbps MP3 192Kbps MP3 Ogg Vorbis VBR MP3
(The Joe) in a Tunnel  (0:02)
21.9K 68.4K 38.1K 43.6K
Joenan Swinging His Golf Club  (0:10)
83.9K 254.6K 149.8K 169.7K
Golfulating IV  (1:24:58) 40.8M 122.4M 69.4M 82.4M
Man Takes on World's Biggest Jaw Breaker  (0:04)
38.3K 117.3K 66.1K 77.3K
Hi-Fi Stream | Lo-Fi Stream
64Kbps MP3 ZIP 40.9M | VBR ZIP 82.7M

Other Video
Emperor MAR & his dad in audience of Memphis Wrestling Taping (YouTube)
Aired 11/18/06
"Too Cool 2" Take over Memphis Wrestling
Battle Royal for Southern Tag Team Titles
Lawler interview
Opening The Vault - Jackie Fargo part 1 (Got my thumbs up right at the beginning of this clip)
Opening The Vault - Jackie Fargo part 2
Jerry Lawler vs Flash Flanagan
Aired 11/25/06
10 Man tag Memphis Wrestling 11.25.06

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