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Power Point Presentations
It's Winter 1.69mb
Power Point Presentation by Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend for Ecology class April 1, 2003. (Watch Video)

History of the GUI 7.48mb
Power Point Presentation by Emperor MAR as a School Project November 10, 2006.
History of the GUI Outtakes 1.11mb
Funny bits that were left out as the project changed direction.
Compiled for distribution Aug 31, 2007.
(Watch Video)

MARS Wallpapers
Minds 15-25
Time Cotton

Rose Garden Dream Wallpapers
Incorrupt CornerIceburg RipoffRose MountainGreen Ape
MapGermsUnconscious CrystalsBent Resolution
Early Piemerica website images converted to wrongly sized .ico format. Available for posterity.
PiemericanIcons.zip 52kb
All from Oct 1, 2002
Except favicon from Mar 17, 2003
Icon Packs for computers???
Icons.zip 47kb
Icons are from Aug 4, 2003
Icon Packs for computers???
Emperor MAR Icons 26kb
Official What the Eat? Emperor MAR icons Pack.
From Jan 25, 2004

Piemerica: The Florilegium Compendium of Miscellany [A Box Set] 1.3GB
Data CD Box set released July 13, 2005. Egg/Muzzz bought the only copy. The discs were restored Nov 2015 w/ files relinked. Disc links are isos. Link above is zip of all files on the discs.
Disc 1: 419mb -List of original contents
Piemerican Magazines Issues 1 & 2
Equal Non-Equal Neutral & Freezer Freezer Problem Art Books
Piemerican Comics
(Some not on Piemerica.org)
Misc Items
Disc 2: 365mb -List of original contents
Photo Galleries (Uncropped originals & some not on Piemerica.org)
Piemerica Logos
(Some not on Piemerica.org)
Disc 3: 531mb -List of original contents
All of Piemerica's Videos (Some clips not on Piemerica.org)
All of Piemerica's Video Games
Disc 4: 233mb -List of original contents
Piemerica The Entire Website
Piemerican Bands' Artwork
Piemerican Audio Memories (Most not on Piemerica.org)
Misc. Piemerican Artwork & Photos
2015 Restoration changes:
All .bmp & some .gifs replaced with .png files. .tif files were replaced with PDFs.
Missing Files:
Disc 1>Comics>Other>Image11
.bmp, Image12.bmp, turbo-orig.bmp
Disc 4>MARS>5-Other>w1.gif
Disc 4>MARS>6-Sources>egg.bmp
Disc 4>Materials>Tired>its.bmp, tired1.bmp, return.gif
Disc 4>Materials>back.bmp, rym2.bmp, sbt4.bmp, av-271.jpg
Disc 4 does not contain the archive of this website from 2005 used in the original disc. It instead contains the closest copy I have from May 19, 2005.

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Unused Disc Art
MARS Listening Booth 11.2mb
Application that plays 3 songs from Minds 1-14.
December 2003
Last tested as working on Windows 7
(Watch Video)
Click for images of all 3 screens.
Piemp 616kb
Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally Media Player
Piemp is the PIE-empest Media Player in Piemerica.
Distributed with Piemerican CDs as CD+ to listen to the CDs & play/open bonus items.
Plays CD, MP3, Mpeg Video, & opens images. Useful for the crappy computers of yesteryore.
Also has a link to our fine Piemerica website (onlinehome URL now defunct)
From December 17, 2003
Last tested as working on Windows 7
Exit Prompt
Rose Garden Dream Nokia Theme 97kb
Rose Garden Dream theme for Nokia phones (specifically 6085h)
From Apr 1, 2008
From 2006-2015 I used the first piece of art as the background to every cell phone I've owned.
Color Theme


Adjective Glass Catalog
2002-2015 Piemerica

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