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(courtesy of our book Lesson Mania! on sale now!)
  • When playing a game of hide & go seek, no matter which position you are in, it is best to get up & walk away.
  • As bright as night I will never understand how board games entertain people
  • When competing on a game show, remember nothing is real.
  • Hide & go seek gone wrong: You have a skeleton in your closet.
  • When you are on the rim eat a tiger for 18 points.
  • The number one excuse to cheat at video games:  "I prefer the experience of the game to the challenge."
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors isn't so good for settling disputes when you use the real rocks, cutting white paper, & extra sharp scissors.
  • People who get trapped in a maze never seem to say "I'm aMazed!" They should!
Original Quotes:
  • Emperor MAR on Jeopardy:  "What is the answer?"
  • A. I never tell anyone anything?
    B. Any questions? Except this one.
    C. Can you answer this question? 
  • I played magnet darts once. That may have been the only time.
  • Are you good at darts? I mean good enough that I should be worried.
  • Book Drinking Tip:  Drinking Books may seem like fun & games. But the next time you Drink a Book, think about the people who worked so hard to Milk that Logs & you will appreciate it more.
  • Emperor MAR: choose a prize
    Snow White: umm a million dollars
    Emperor MAR: hmm I can't even get that much in fake monopoly money
  • I don't like puzzles I'll tell you why because the box already shows you what it looks like. There's no surprise at the end.
    It's like "Ah 8 hours but I'm finally finished." And honestly the box looks better because there are no cracks in it.
    I'd love to see a puzzle box with the wrong pieces in the box.
  • The most addicting game I ever played was Taste the White Powder®
  • Con Test, the game show where you guess who's been to jail before based on their life experiences.
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