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Golfulating as described in Piemerican Magazine #3's Guide to the Joelympics
Photo Galleries:
Golfulating- May 24, 2005
Golfulating II- May 25, 2005
Golfulating III- May 26, 2005
Golfulating IV- May 30, 2005
Golfulating V- May 31, 2005
Golfulating VI- July 15, 2005
Golfulating VII- August 21, 2005
Golfulating VIII- March 21, 2009
Golfulating IX- Disc Golfulating- April 4, 2009

Golfulating IV

Track list:
1. (The Joe) in a Tunnel :02
2. Joenan Swinging His Golf Club :10
3. Golfulating IV 84:58
4. Man Takes on World's Biggest Jaw Breaker :04

Total Running Time 85:16
Additional Information:
"Golf the most silent sport captured on Audio!"

Audio recording of Emperor MAR and Joenan's day at the golf course.
Recorded May 30, 2005

Check at 24:30 on track 3 for the infamous accidental bird death.
Around 65:00 on track 3 you can hear the set up for the Slaying the Dragon Photo Shoot

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