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A dead man has decided that his casket is getting worn out so he has become a ghost in a search for cash to buy a new resting place. The crazy rich man who lives next to the cemetery is yet again using a huge fan to blow money over the graves of the businessmen he has crushed.
You cannot leave the graveyard, which is the fate of a ghost.
You are to catch the money before it blows over the wall.

Spacebar to start
Use the arrow keys to move in all 4 directions
once you push a direction Greedy Ghost will float that way without the aide of the key being held down
You switch the direction of his floating, after starting Greedy Ghost cannot float still again.
Use the F key to switch between windowed & full screen
Use the R key to reset game
Use the F5 key to save game
Use the F6 key to load game

Game Play
Collect all the cash before it blows away, each cash cluster is worth $100 except the one farthest to the right of the screen which is $300 there are 8 $100 clusters & 1 $300 cluster.
The diamond is worth $1,000 & when you touch it the level ends
Starting on Level 5 & in Bonus Levels you will bounce off of the blocks & walls on the playfield.
You only have 5 after lives (lives) to complete the whole game & there is nowhere in the game to earn more.
You cannot loose lives in Levels 1-4 or Bonus Levels.

Bonus Levels
There are 2 bonus levels in the game where you have the same controls but you are being pulled by gravity toward the upper right portion of the level, you must avoid the spikes & get the diamond to score a $5,000 bonus.
If failing to avoid the spikes you will be taken to the next level with no bonus.

Go for the money farthest from you first, it is worth the most & is the first to become inaccessible.
Bonus Levels are very different from the regular stages the levels after level 4 & level 8 are bonus stages.
You must fight the gravitational pull on the bonus levels to reach your goal.

Cheat Code
Press the L key at the title screen to go to the level select area.

In Game Objects
Greedy Ghost
The main & only character in the game.
These are put in the game to block your path.
Some you can bounce off of some you can’t.
Money Cluster
Most give you $100 catch these before they blow away.
The diamond gives you a $1,000 & when you get it ends the stage also.
So be sure to get the money first because these don’t blow away.
These kill you. Most of them fly others are stationary.
The final goal, a million dollar emerald that ends the game.

From MediaFire (2nd Edition) 2.57MB
From MediaFire (v1.03) 900KB
From MediaFire (v1.02) 1MB

Greedy Ghost written and developed by Emperor MAR
All Graphics by from Game Maker site
Except spikes and master emerald by Sonic Team
Piemerica Logo at loading screen by Emperor MAR (C)? 2002 Piemerica
Greedy Ghost 2003 Piemerica
Work on this game began August 27, 2003
This game was released September 10, 2003
Work on 2nd Edition started in December 2003 originally as Greedy Ghost Ultra. In 2008 it was turned into a 5th anniversary edition but unreleased until October 31, 2014. 2nd Edition includes logos, credits, & story text in opening; new title screen; newer Piemerica loading logo.

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