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Piemerica:  Piemerica's Current Main Index.
Adjective Glass Catalog: Multimedia Site
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Piemerican Magazine: Piemerican Magazine
Piemerican Airlines: A site based off of an ad run in Piemerican Magazine.
Pieuro the Site: Piemerica's subsidiary Pieuro which is run by }The Joemeister{.
Pieuro the Section: Contains info on Pieuro & E-mails from its leader }The Joemeister{.
Site Guide:  Complete Guide to Front Page links of the P-I-E website. 
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I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
:  Current RADIOHEAD webpage made by Piemerica.
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Band Pages: MARS, New, Tripple Seven, Rose Garden Dream
SoundClick Pages:  MARS, NEW, Tripple Seven, Rose Garden Dream Feature Mp3 downloads & streams
MySpace Pages:  MARS, Rose Garden Dream
Last.fm Pages:  Piemerican Records, Rose Garden Dream, At Ease Sampler Album
Previous Site Hosts
The Main Site
Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally Original Angelfire Site. (Gone) 2/1/02-9/2/03
Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally:  Our Old Web1000 Site. (Gone) 9/3/03-3/13/04
Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally:  Popular onlinehome Site (Gone) 2/18/04 (3/14/04)-12/6/05
http://piemerica.uni.cc:  Former quick URL to our Site (Gone)
Adjective Glass Catalog:  The Old Multimedia Site on Tripod (Gone)
Piemerican Magazine: Original Geocities Site (Unique page that redirects)
Piemerica Interactive: Contained a mini quiz & guest book. (Gone)
Piemerica Inc. Directory: Old Directory Site (Gone)
Piemerican Airlines:  Original Brinkster Site (Gone)
Piemerican Magazine: Short Lived Brinkster Site (Gone)
New From Piemerica: Short Lived site for New (Gone)
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.:  Original Angelfire Site. (Gone)
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.:  Old Web1000 Site (Gone)
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.:  Popular onlinehome Site (Gone)
Archived Sites
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Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally(Angelfire):  Dec. 20, 2002, Feb 19, 2003, Oct 12, 2003
Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally(web1000):  Sep 9, 2003, Nov 24, 2003, Jan 28, 2004
Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally(onlinehome):  Mar 19, 2004, May 18, 2004, Jun 09, 2004, Sep 21, 2004, Oct 10, 2004
Adjective Glass Catalog(Tripod):  Dec. 28, 2002, Sep 21, 2003
Piemerica Inc. Directory Sep 21, 2002, Feb 27, 2003, Sep 20, 2003, Feb 22, 2004
Piemerica Interactive: Aug 30, 2003, Jan 22, 2004, Mar 27, 2004
MARS Feb 4, 2004, Oct 26, 2004
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight. (onlinehome):  Oct 25, 2004
Piemerican Airlines (Brinkster):  Mar 09, 2003, Dec 22, 2003
New From Piemerica Dec 21, 2002
Piemerican Blogs etc.
Emperor MAR:  MySpace, Allpoetry.com, deviantART, Live Journal
Lori:  MySpace, Allpoetry.com
Egg/Muzzz:  Xanga, Live Journal, MySpace
Joenan:  MySpace
}the Joemeister{:  MySpace
Laslo PanafleX:  MySpace
Real Name:  MySpace
Shirt Man:  MySpace
Fritter:  MySpace, Live Journal
Pete:  Live Journal, Xanga, MySpace
Miltlostatic okle:  MySpace
Chaos:  MySpace
UH:  MySpace
Gary:  MySpace
Number One!:  MySpace
Ambie:  MySpace, Xanga
Juliet:  Allpoetry, Live Journal
Bottle of Sand:  MySpace
Black Rose:  MySpace
MARS:  MySpace
Rose Garden Dream:  MySpace
Joe's Apartment:  MySpace
Sites by Piemericans
}The Joemeister{'s site:  Pieuro the Site
Egg/Muzzz's Old website:  Knuckles' Little Hideout

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