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Before NEW, (The Joe) Legend & Joenan, were in a name only band that never did anything titled The Oatmeal Phrase which was derived from a few tapes that Emperor MAR had recorded posing as a band by that name who only performed The Oatmeal Phrase in 2000/2001. There was meant to be a webpage for TOP but Emperor MAR was too lazy to make it. Also in the starting line up for TOP was }The Joemeister{ who was the senior guitarist of the time. The band was formed February 11, 2002 with (The Joe) & Joenan. On February 20, 2002 }The Joemeister{ joined the band. They never once performed The Oatmeal Phrase! When bassist ONJ was added to the band on March 3, 2002 Joenan began a long tradition of quitting the band. The rest of the band's histroy is undocumented. Around the time }The Joemeister{ moved away TOP had ended. The only noteworthy thing that The Oatmeal Phrase ever did was the guitar portion of Lemons in the Eyes if Children. Joenan & (The Joe) Legend got together & decided to form a new band which (The Joe) titled NEW.

NEW was formed in fall of 2002 by (The Joe) Legend & Joenan because (The Joe) wrote songs & Joenan played guitar & they were also friends. The name came from a story about a band that Emperor MAR wrote. Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend had already written lyrics to many songs using the name NEW. For some reason the duo of (The Joe) Legend & Joenan began recording songs together which eventually became The Piemerican Disc. After doing nothing for a while the 3rd (4th) member of NEW was added who was Egg/Muzzz, then known as Muzzz. Muzzz was added to the band as a drummer but nobody owned drums so Muzzz then began to learn guitar.
Due to more band storylines & songs written the band Tripple Seven was formed with the same members. NEW is designated as the silly anything goes band of Piemerica as Tripple Seven is the serious band & MARS is Emperor MAR alone.

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