Tripple Seven
Rose Garden Dream

Dawn Chorus

Time Line

Piemerican Records is a locally grown record label distributed through personal contacts and the Internet. Piemerican Records has produced dozens of releases, over a dozen music videos, two comedy CDs, & a compilation of non-Piemerican Records Artists.

Current Artists
MARS Michael Aaron Reyes Songs
Camelopardalis Eight official releases. Previously recorded under the names Dawn Chorus & khyber.pass

Previous Artists
A now disbanded 3-piece band released several discs under these various names on Piemerican Records between Oct 2002-July 2005
Rose Garden Dream Two official releases.
NEW Three official releases of the album Piemerican Disc (Unmastered, Mastered, Bonus Tracks Edition)
Tripple Seven Two official releases.

Unique Instrumentation
Joenan (Corey Spicer) innovated two guitar playing techniques.
• Microphone- Playing guitar with a microphone to create a strum and drum sound
• Light Bulb- Playing guitar with a light bulb to create a sci-fi style sound. The MARS track The tone of the light has changed, from the 2008 EP Portage Kaleidoscope of Crackled Arbitraries features Emperor MAR playing guitar with a coated night light bulb.

In addition to his electronic repertoire, Emperor MAR has also recorded songs with balloons, beans, a rubber stamp, AM Radio, Car, Mobile Phone Car Charger, Karaoke Machine, and even termites.

The darkened Reality of Real-Estate Soundtrack to a comic series.
Piemerican Games Soundtrack Compilation of original music from Piemerican Games
Music from the AudiOcular Manifestation Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Volume 1, Volume 2- The Sounds of Christmas Eve

Piemerican Records