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Yellow Blues

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No Lyrics
60 minute
+ Instrumental

Written by:
Michael Reyes

There are currently 3 parts to this song Parts 2 & 3 are not finished. It is all one song to be played Part 1 directly into Part 2.
The version on the album will not be full length.
You must use Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
That is what I used while writing the song
If you don't know how to use it here is how:
In windows go to control panel then to sounds & multimedia click on the Audio tab & choose Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth as the preferred device from the MIDI Music Playback section.

Download Scrib below. It is recommended to download parts 1 & 2 then listen to them together.

Scrib Part 1 (28:50) 116kb
Scrib Part 2 (26:57) 100kb
Scrib Part 3 (10:44) 255kb

There is a problem in Scrib Part 2 when strings may refuse to stop dragging on just press pause & then play to fix it.
This should be done at about (14:07) also at (26:20)

This song contains
samples of the songs cP from Piemerican Disc but none in its original form.
The song also contains a sample from the unreleased/unfinished song Death.

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