February: Prodigious in Paltry
December: Mirroring Wishes
Prodigious in Paltry

Track List:
1. I am a home. 1:25
2. The Omni Present 2:24

Total Running Time 3:49
Additional Information:
MARS Release 67 - February 24, 2011
MARS EP15 - Prodigious in Paltry

I felt the tracks went perfectly together and didn't want to add anymore to spoil it. This is the only MARS release thus far that is simply a release, not a single, an ep, or an album.
Prodigious in Paltry comes from the vast sound yet small amount of music. It also carries the idea of the illimitable God indwelling a meager person as Jesus Christ does those who trust Him thus the song titles "I am a home." and "The Omni Present" (The All Present because Jesus gives us all of Himself).

All tracks recorded February 11, 2011
Released for Piemerica's 13th Anniversary.
Artwork November 9, 2007

Anywhere or alone, I have it all, I have a home.
  ~Prodigious in Paltry
Mirroring Wishes
Track List:
1. Mirroring Wishes :22
2. Mixed Wants 4:22
3. Mirage Wasteland 3:38
4. Morose Warpath 3:51
5. Midnight Wake 5:12
6. Messiah Waits 1:08
7. Marked Weakness 3:22
8. Multiplying Worth :32
9. Master Working :43
10. Missing Weights 2:06
11. Mister Wonderful 3:45

Total Running Time 29:05
Release Information:
MARS Release 68 - December 31, 2011
MARS LP32 - Mirroring Wishes

A musical and aural journey through my life in the year 2011. Mister Wonderful is dedicated to my dad who passed away August 15th.

Recording Information:
Mirroring Wishes, Mixed Wants, Mirage Wasteland, & Morose Warpath written and recorded March 2, 2011
Midnight Wake written and recorded March 2, 2011; arranged and mixed March 3, 2011
Messiah Waits & Marked Weakness written and recorded March 3, 2011
Missing Weights written March 4, 2011
; recorded, arranged, and mixed December 30-31, 2011
Multiplying Worth, Master Working written and recorded March 4, 2011
Mr. Wonderful written March 4 & December 30, 2011; recorded, arranged, and mixed December 30, 2011

Artwork November 8, 2007, Text March 13, 2008

Art with No Text
Additional Art
Additional Information:
Mirroring Wishes (The Album)
The title and MW theme come from the artwork made in 2008. Because the artwork is a mirrored M or W the title is Mirroring Wishes. All music of the songs was written in early March 2011. I had moved to a new city and had been without a job for some while. At the time my wife was also miserable at her job with her schedule. This was the most miserable time in our marriage thus far. A lot of the music conveys my emotions and the turmoil of this period. Tracks 1-9 were completely finished in March. My dad died August 15th. I began listening to these songs again and looking at the titles. The emotions in the songs originally represented my miserable time in Feb/March. Like a strange gift from God retroactively these songs gained new meanings for this new turmoil.

Mirroring Wishes
The title carries the idea that I want my desires to match God's desires (wishes).

Mixed Wants
I wanted things that seem to contradict. To have something without having to do what almost everyone says is necessary to get it.
The clear portions into the sliding, swirling portions represent having a confidence toward a desire then having things mixed up and then having confidence towards another desire. Circumstances can change desires and clockwork can turn into an uncontrollable mess.
The mixed wants come from people making you feel obligated to control the uncontrollable. I wanted the same goal as they did but I didn't want control and sorta knew I didn't have it. When you try to control the uncontrollable, especially when you are pressured to do so, you feel like a worthless failure when it doesn't work.
The swirling portions also represent how it drives you crazy when people say "Do this, it will work." You try it, it doesn't work, but you keep getting told to do the same thing that isn't even supposed to work. I wanted to trust God (to provide, get me a job) but everyone, including myself, was telling me to "go make it happen." I think all of those involved have learned to varying degrees to trust God instead of wasting energy and sanity trying to force the unforceable.

Mirage Wasteland
For those who know God the wasteland is the mirage and the reality is paradise.
The hectic in the song is our perception of a situation in the present while the reality is the calm. We don't feel calm because we don't perceive calm. We fear the uncertain future instead of trusting the certainly loving God. In the hectic portion we can sometimes hear glimpses of the calm among the chaos.

Morose Warpath
The song is originally my anger and frustration of March 2011. Even if you are not angry the outpouring of emotion from someone's death can cause anger to easily come out as suffering makes you more sensitive. The repetition of the music is the warpath, a wallowing in anger that causes emotions to be intentional even though they are unpleasant to you. The vocal like background is the internal emotions. The guitar riffs present a stomping fury of dissatisfaction.

Midnight Wake
Recorded months before my dad's death I think the title originally had the idea of "waking up at midnight."
This song just sounds like midnight to me. It reminds me of those nights staying with my mom the week of my dad's death. It also reminds me of my old home surrounded by cornfields, lightning bugs, and star light. The fuzziness of the music is like the fuzziness of blue, red, and purple you see when you close your eyes really tight. There are sounds representative of traffic, trains, planes, strong wind, and the black void of night. This is what I feel in the blackest of nights and there is a calm beauty pervading the noise. The last moments of the song represent the orange glow of your unopened eyelids before they open to the sunlight of the morning.

Messiah Waits
God is the type of Father that is ok with you throwing a tantrum even if you are ok. He doesn't want you to pretend. He wants to heal what is real. Reality is the best way to resolution.
The reverb/flange is us seeing glimpses of Jesus like a slow glowing strobe. There are beautiful strings undercurrenting the song letting us know that even while He is waiting He is working.

Marked Weakness
Marked Weakness is that my weakness has been identified. The greatest weakness is lack of trust in God because nearly all His strength comes to you by your trust in Him. While He will prove Himself trustworthy He won't force things on you. He never marks your weakness with guilt. Our weakness isn't made known to condemn us but so God can be strong for us. What a wonderful thing it is to fall into the hands of the loving Father.
Even in the beauty of the tones there is a tension in the composition and impact. The help of a friend is a wonderful thing but realizing we need help can be tough to confront.

Multiplying Worth
When my weakness is known the strength of God is known. Multiplying Worth isn't that I have become more valuable to God but that I quickly began to see my immense value to Him.
The music represents unfolding discoveries. The stutter-like, imperfect playing/mixing represents the taken aback feeling you get when you find out you are wrong about something. The counterfeit debt must be taken away for the true value to be appraised. Because Jesus has appraised me at great value I praise Him for His.

Master Working
This song represents how God changes us. He works joyfully, not begrudgingly. We tend to only pick up on His work when it is "loudest." The three-peating music represents how He works long on the same things. The different octaves and sound levels represent the different methods He uses to change us. He in no way exclusively uses bible reading and prayer. The third portion of the song gets much lower in volume. It represents the change He has made becoming part of our character. We are now naturally inclined to be what He has made us and it becomes less noticeable to us but He is still working.

Missing Weights
The playing, and some of the mixing toward the end, has an awkwardness that represents the feeling of moving about after a long weight has been lifted off of you. The tone and tune have a child-like quality to them. It is like learning to walk anew now that the burdens (guilt, shame, fear, obligation) have been lifted off of me.

Mister Wonderful
This song is ultimately dedicated to my dad, Arturo Reyes, who passed away August 15, 2011. It is also dedicated to God my Father.
I really wanted to make a song for this album dedicated to my dad. When the end of the year came I didn't have anything and wanted to release this. I had an earlier take of Missing Weights that had a different arrangement which I had slowed down, I reversed it to see what it would sound like and the beauty of the music let me know that God had given me the song "Mister Wonderful" as I had wished. This uses the same music as Missing Weights which is why it says it was written partially in March 2011 before my dad died.
Although the music alone doesn't specifically remind me of my dad I feel in the sounds the beauty of a life.
My dad's death was unexpected. The song ends abruptly and is followed by a moment of silence.
Mister Wonderful has the same music as Missing Weights but reversed with a different arrangement and tempo. Missing Weights has a child-like quality while Mister Wonderful depicts the end of a life. This is also symbolic of the fact that my dad raised me.

I want what you want yet I don't know. I fight & I scrape feeling dark & alone. But there you are freeing me & filling me up because I found what you wanted. You simply wanted me.  ~Mirroring Wishes
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