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New EP The New Sound of Silence


New EP The Wrong Words for Sleep
New Double EP Cracked Fire, Cracks in Flames
New 10th Anniversary Double Album Ages in Bloom

New square versions of cover artwork added to releases from 2003 & 2004.


New Noise/Soundscape album Minds XXVI-XXX
Mind 26. Exist 12:28
Mind 27. Don't... 10:24
Mind 28. When the goal becomes the memory 9:57
Mind 29. The Future We Can't Touch 13:49
Mind 30. What Your Dreams Heard Just Before You Woke Up 3:24


Its the 10th Anniversary of the First MARS Album so we bring to you a new MARS album Those Songs About Us. It is guitar based & a rival for my catchiest album.

Two new songs for Piemerica's 15th Anniversary


New MARS album When Blue Blew


New MARS Release Zer- Cred--. Exclusive Remixes of Other Artists & Other People Performing my Lyrics.
Previously unavailable download & in page stream of
Music from the AudiOcular Manifestation Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Vol. 3- Food Dood

MARS Songlisting Now Sortable by Title, Length, & Release
Different artwork added to the top corner of each page.


Streams & artwork & missing updates added to updates page, old updates moved to 2nd page.
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When Blue Blew - Album Preview

New Release Wonbex Ider. This is a stereo mash-up of the companion albums Wonder & Ibex by MARS from 2004. Both albums are mixed differently from their original release (not just regarding stereo) so it offers a new listening experience beyond just the combination factor.

Traded Society for Technology Album Retrospective

New Disc Art for
The Return Turns, MARch (Revised & Revisited), The Meeting, Kites Near the Sky, Besides:  Equal Non-Equal Neutral, Yestermorrow, No Answers Are Worth These Questions, Zeatin Cur Parquet, The Advent of Thunder

New Replacement Disc Art for Rippn up Lettuce <-PM, Low, Unstoppable

Updated Disc Art for Rose Garden Dream & Safety=Danger


Moved redundant compilations in discography to Compilations page.

New MARS Song with video, I Blew Blue

New MARS YouTube Channel, piemericanmars
New MARS Song with video, Headlights on a Pillow
2012-12-13, 2013-1-4
New Single A.M. Rang a Song
A.M. Rang a Song is composed using all the words that can be created by the note letters ABCDEFG. The title is an anagram of "Anagram Song."

Streams available for all of the 2008 Discography. Now all MARS songs are available for stream in page.

New Single on dört

on dört 3:44
New Release available for stream and download Mirroring Wishes

New Promo Song Art for Im sent on lot

New Release available for stream and download Prodigious in Paltry

New Album for stream and download Norvon Mac

New Single from Norvon Mac, Im sent on lot

FLAC downloads now available for Minds 1-14

Reviews, Single Link Downloads, In Page Streams, & All Related Artwork now on all 4 MARS releases from 2005 & 7 releases from 2007.

Reviews, Single Link Downloads, In Page Streams, & All Related Artwork now on all 28 MARS releases from 2004 including the previously unavailable Backtracking.


MARS Songlisting Up to date
New Promo Song Art

New single from Equal Non-Equal Neutral, Fact of oxygen asphyxiate.


Previously unavailable free downloads and new stream options of the albums Sound Without Effect, Yestermorrow, No Answers Are Worth These Questions, Zeatin Cur Parquet, Q & A & Z
New Album Equal Non-Equal Neutral

1. Dedicated harnesses waiting for crumbs. :43
2. Courtyard basket sign. :57
3. Fake oriented limbo dog 6:11
4. Strap me to a broken tune. :20
5. Straws dug into my REcord. :57
6. Everything except a single human being 1:01
7. Ahead A Head :33
8. Portable Star :27
9. Use up all my useless things. :52
10. A stage song written about barb wire clots. 1:17
11. The hallway glistens with the sounds of dead air. 1:54
12. Corn mono bull add. 1:10
13. Quantumsurgeiality in a thrown away paper ball. 2:00
14. Major Antigovernment Conspiracy Day 1:22
15. Pouring pliers on my bed! :59
16. Major Mayor 1:05
17. I pan latter crying forward. 1:03
18. Towers again. 1:03
19. Fact of oxygen asphyxiate. :47
20. Skin float feather. :47
21. Fire pictures. 4:30
22. Fused planet. 2:27
23. Affection stand contribution upon raise touch 1:45
24. Mortal motion path instrument insurrection 2:19
25. The Scrape Loop 2:09
26. Accused green blackout. 7:16
27. Gravity creates wind. 1:41
28. Riot fields filled with multiflourent stickers 3:59
29. Anagram thatch syndicate for examing lightster droor 2:35
30. Citrate prepotent urtext sleight. 1:07
31. Magnet K-9 :56
32. A Master Macaroni :43
33. Condensed vision. 2:05
34. A cleaner version of might. :33
35. Indwelling Sound Embarkment 1:33
36. My boot lock whistled in a wave of windowness. 3:59
37. In the crate no one worries. 2:29
38. My sky is tight. 1:18
39. Oblong sinus reptiles purge among ruffled stair slopes. 11:42
40. Sake hardened. 1:39
41. Deep Sleet, Trashed Purple Tar. 4:00

Previously unavailable download and stream of Piemerican Games Soundtrack

Final release from 2004, Dismemories now available for download and stream
2009 Release page now has new streaming and download options


New Album Catastrosphere The Ultimate Lawn Simulator & companion compilation Tyrants of the Deep

New EP Outstrumentals

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