Piemerican Disc Review
Taken from Piemerican Magazine #2


If you're stupid, & judging by the fact that you actually read this magazine we'll assume you are,
you'll feel smart after listening to this album(?).
New's Piemerican Disc Containing music by Michael Reyes, Joenan, & (The Joe) Legend, is spectacular!
Easily the greatest album ever!
From the Amazing Hof to the 3rd track 1,
this album contains songs.
If you get one album this year,
you probably don't have much money.
But seriously folks this album is real
so that should make it the best.
The last time I saw music like this was..
wait now I can't see music!!
What's happening!!
That's correct only music this great can make you go insane
or this horrible, but it is great!!

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