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Minds 1-14, dew, A Common Registration of Pieces, sewn to part, The Meeting, Yestermorrow
Band Review, pik mix ix, Sone Get
Band Review
Nine dots.
i think the 'idea' is perfect...
the 'audience' izz easily distracted...
your 'concepts' go beyond 'music'...
your 'symbols' and 'imagery' are killer...
you're an extreamily clever guy...
it's easy to mis-represent the music when the symbols are based on 'open questions'...
but that sort of 'music' is the ultimate kind...
  --rote8, atease mb, Feb 9, 2004

I really enjoy your IDM stuff though. Rock the casbah.
  --DTjackson, ateaseweb message board, Aug 4 2004
Minds 1-14
This, Minds 1-14, is an album to square off in your favorites list of CDs. Vaguely resembling IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), it's 14 tracks of Thrillsville, daddio!

Never, Mind is a long and completely effective opening song, unlike so many other openers. It goes through all the classic MARS mutations before ending satisfyingly on a high mutation of the original sound.
2 Down is a short, spastic track resembling a fall through Mario space.
Death wouldn't feel completely stupid if it lived on a Turok soundtrack, even with it's blinking light piano sound at the beginning.
Fun Sucks Parts 2&1 is a 6:40 romp. FS Part 2 (roughly 3:22) is a through an RPG terrorscape complete with a blinking BG light sound, possibly a throwback from MARS' RPG Maker days. The second part, Part 1 is a louder mix recalling those ole crystal caves of yore. (Everyone breathes a sigh)
And then you're shaken by the sudden Pole Position rhythm of
SHOCKly. A great techno track with nothing to lose.
cORNERED Placement is a haunted house tune, supposedly a remix of cP from the Piemerican Disc. Brings back memories of Mario haunted houses, that it does.
Mind 7 is a solo piano track by MARS. After a shaky tremolo, it leaves you hanging on a faint swishing sound only to let you know a few seconds later...THE PIANO'S STILL THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ancient Sea....If you don't like this track, you don't like music. How many songs actually SOUND like what they're named? Not many, I tells yer. Sounds like an old Grecian ship docking on a war-ridden Mediterranean shore, ready for battle. Absolutely perfect, Mind.
streg/Brain Staggeringly Intelligent. A (literally) windy track with a title acknowledging the "Staggeringly Intelligent" song writing skillz of MARS. Watch out for the modulated vocoder voice. A wonderful track that could have been a candidate for being the opener in a shorter cut.
Wk p is a weird, minimalist Mind with carefully hit tribal drums and a Rugrats sound. Oddly one of my favorites.
Fynil CeE is an amazing long song strangely like Ancient Sea (but it's not) with the dominant sound changed to a high-pitched sparkling star type of sound. If you liked Ancient Sea (which you DID), then you've gotta hear it!

pik mix ix is another spastic tune with the vocodered Piemerica voice sample being continuously modulated in the background. A definite promo track.
Ok Now starts with a sound like the beginning of the studio version of Fog (Alligators in New York Sewers) and adds sounds like a xylophone and an organ to become a short ambient masterpiece.
Mind 14 should have a title, dagnabbit! It starts off reeking of bad ending song fears and then blows up into the biggest, longest airship closer heard on this side of Piemerica!! Trip hop becomes the main theme as the airship begins to lose altitude and becomes more tinny as it drops faster and faster........Then the airship explodes in a huge ball of flame, Krakatoa-style. It's in the running for best song on the album.

In short, a classic album. I'd pay 20 bucks for it if it sold in a retail store. (Don't get any big ideas, MARS.) If you don't have it, get it. GET IT! NOW! RUN!

An album rating Egg/Muzzz??

  --Egg/Muzzz, Dec. 13, 2003
dew. What can I say about dew? The dictionary definition of dew is......oh. I don't have a dictionary. Well, anyhow, reviewing.

not Today "As this song says, this is a song for not today, maybe tomorrow or the day before Wednesday," sez J'nan. But he's impotent......incompetent. With these running horses in the background, "one feels as though he is being pulled thru time by his face...." Shut up, J'nan. Like I was saying... With these running horses, it gets pretty eerie in these parts. But it's a great opener. "For a national anthem song thingy." ......Curse you! I've already told you! ....ANYWAY. It's good, long, effective. Note from the Surgeon General: Do not listen to this song with headphones. It will ruin your ears.

safecore "The jingling of bells is like the pitter pattering of rain on an Oriental window..." J'nan!......Oh. You're right. It is. Nice and peaceful..........zzzzzzzz...(In the best way possible.)

W1 Nice segueway from safecore, jah?

Melt Anyhow, we've got drips and sirens (very cool.). "Everybody duck and cover! The tornader's coming!" .......Go to sleep. "Zzzzzzzzzz..... What? In weather....songs like this, I can't go to sleep." ...Fine. Chew on this. ::Hand cookie:: So... The middle song on the album and we haven't even gone anywhere. This song's great, anyway. Ridiculously long, though. And is that mumbling actually saying something? I think the dripping's getting to me.

vast "Eh? Did I wake up in a factory? Oh, well, back to sleep so I don't have to work."

shoc hoc SHOCKly and Ancient Sea, what more could you want? Not much more, appaerently. It's worth listening to many many times.

dew Title track! Last song? EP? .....Okay. So it's vaguely mechanical and highly rhythmic. It's like a heartbeat or something. But, uh, it gets a little low, doesn't it? "Maybe it symbolizes the depth and meaning of the song.....Man, that slamming door was really loud on there." Slamming door? You mean the beeps? "Right... Zzzz." Bleh. It's a good song. Worthy of being a hidden track? Yes. Worthy of being a title track? Yes. Then the beeps turn into this great beat.. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep......

All quotations by J'nan, who so rudely interrupted me, but I was stupid enough to type what he was saying. ::Shakes head sadly:: This EP overall's really good. It presents an atmosphere of relaxation (among other things) and leaves you with a small dab of appreciation (understanding? [no]) in your heart.

/Eggg????Muzz & J'nan
Copyright 2004

<("< Dancing Kirby >")>

  --Egg/Muzzz & J'nan, Jan. 23, 2004
A Common Registration of Pieces
   The intro of the album. It actually sounds a lot like a concert opener, ordered yet experimental. It's an Underground kind of track and it gets more and more glitchy and excited toward the end before a neat end and melt into...
Caught in buyer-
   This track could probably pass for a continuation of AcCost. It has a couple of neat drop aways, the last of which is actually the change to...
   Another perfectly blended track; it might sound like gunk, but if you are able to hear more than one layer at a time, you'll hear a fast-paced rave... Strangely, a bit like RADIOHEAD's Trans-atlantic Drawl, it breaks off into a minimalist piece. Kudos on the piano work.
very very sad hobble-
   Hey, if this is "very very sad", I'm scared of what manic would sound like. Very hip, but with a hint of ambience and isolation.
  --Egg/Muzzz, Mar. 11, 2004
sewn to part
Exclusive Bonus?
Instant rave classic! An ode to the mysterious Catastrosphere? Maybe. Made for a horror movie? Maybe. Good? Better than good. Awesome.
I get the feeling this album has a deep connection to Catastrosphere the Ultimate Lawn Simulator. This feeling is almost pervading, but so so welcome.
Exclusive Bonus!/sewn
I'm confused, and genuinely scared.. Sounds good, tho'!
I know for a fact that MARS has never heard it, but this track reminds me of Squarepusher's Hardcore Obelisk. Good drak ambient track
  --Egg/Muzzz, Mar. 11, 2004
pik mix ix
it sounds good for what it is, though... well produced and all that lots of thought put into it. some parts sound really nice.
  --cosplusisin of atease mb, Jul. 31 2004
Elevater Trace
..i found myself waiting for something to happen, and i think i was let down.. everything sounded good as far as recording quality and production. and you also had some interesting syncopated beat structures, but i guess it just didn't fill the void, for me at least...
  --Io of atease mb, Jan 2 2005, 04:05 PM

I've listened to a bit of it.I'm kind of dead tired.I like it best when you stick to around a minute.Sometimes a fridge can buzz for three minutes.Then a sprinkler turns on.Feed me a sandwich but don't tie it to a string and go fishing.Jam it into my mouth.
  --DTjackson of atease mb, Jan 2 2005, 04:16 PM
The Meeting
Emperor MAR:  i noticed The Meeting was bafflingly on your great albums list thing from your journal. explain that
It's a great (semi-)album I hope it gets finished. But that's how I think it should sound. It sounds mature, like Minds 1-15, "Cingle Sircle," the finished version should sound like the demo. It's just a quality, the way the music sounds.
Well, for example, the way Pocket Socket, spilk, and Frozen Capsules of Yarn sound. Let's see... I mean, they aren't noise tracks, like some songs from the albums. They aren't blips and bloops and cartoon sounds. They're structured.
  --Egg/Muzzz, Aug. 12, 2005
Sit in the Beef.
Sit In The Beef makes me imagine being in the cargo hold of some old tanker, hearing the water pump desperatly pumping out the seeping water, while watching some god forgotten television show on an old tube projector....
  --Raspizdaj of, July 18, 2007
Besides:  Equal Non-Equal Neutral
A new song!!! I love it! It's made of win and minimalist.
  --Egg/Muzzz about Growing unconsciousness, January 16, 2007

your "new" album [Besides:  Equal Non-Equal Neutral] is awesome! I didn't think you could develop any more than you have.
  --Egg/Muzzz, March 17, 2007
I love Yestermorrow! It's like your older releases but with a more structured sound, without giving up any of your signature dissonant, chaotic, and sometimes playful sound. It's a real treat to my starving ears.
  --Egg/Muzzz, Oct. 1, 2007
Sone Get
“You know that feeling when your Super Nintendo gets stuck? And then there are some cut-up breakbeats over the top of it, only in an unrelated tempo? And then someone plays an uptempo splash-cymbal solo for 3 minutes? And then all the water finally drains out of your ears? This is like that.”
  --mikemorr of Amie Street, Oct. 11, 2007
Skyriding in the Comfort of Knowledge
"Skyriding..." is amazing! An aural treat (no tricks involved). My ear aches for more.
Skyriding... is a beautiful ambient departure from MARS' usual frenetic drum programming and sample chopping
  --Egg/Muzzz, Oct. 26, 2007 & January 8, 2008

No Answers Are Worth These Questions is just amazing. I really like it.
  --Egg/Muzzz, November 6, 2007
Zeatin Cur Parquet
Zeatin Cur Parquet is a lot like your older stuff, and that's always a good thing.
  --Egg/Muzzz, November 6, 2007
“Short, haunting piece that has a strong presence to it. Very nice use of ambience as well.”
  --adamrw of Amie Street, Jan. 1, 2008
Drop. The Full Case
“If I ever have to kill a man, I hope this is the background music.”
  --grategatsby of Amie Street, Jan. 11, 2008
Sound Without Effect
i havent even finished or been half way through your album , and it just , it makes me feel like beethovens moonlight sonata made me feel when i first heard it or a clockwork orange when i first watched and listened it
  --Josh Cosby, Jan. 22, 2008

Shovel in the Shadows on that album sounds cool, like the Metroid Prime start screen.
  --fvertk of atease mb, August 8, 2008

I forgot to say (a long time ago): Sound Without Effect and Today & The Years Gone Bye are probably my two favorite MARS albums yet! On each, the tracks line up so well, and there are a few really intense soundscapes that I listen to over and over again.
  --Egg/Muzzz, March 27, 2008
:Oyas todo nias phel elpi doh yahnah tais: (Music Video)
Very nice work. Thought provoking and inspirational.
  --AdamRW of MySpace, Feb. 8, 2008
Today & The Years Gone Bye
Intriguing music and full of emotion. "MARS" use a more successful electronic system to make us discover these truths' value. A true happiness, excellent.
  --bad666 of Amie Street, Jun 14, 2008

it's very musical and straight-forward... complex enough but also simple to get into!
they all have a nice quality where i could totally imagine some cable access channel having some nice shots of nature or a city at night (esp. this track 4... ooh!) or stuff like that with this being the soundtrack
it's going by pretty fast so far (and tho i love little shorties so much the longer ones seem more effective... tho even those are nice and not overstaying of welcomen!)
it's hard to say too specific of things tho those more cello-ish lower things in learn about yr thoughts have quite the cool little oomph to them!
expel sea kinda reminds me of gerudo valley music in zelda
and the weird sludgey subtle samples almost seem like A Digital Desert Slug groaning! i like these more minor effects that are coming into play the albums taking a more sinister turn! for teh blURST!
haha some fun surprizes like the hamster song and now these choir people on falts, some odd choices here!
  --Abu of atease mb, Mar 24, 2008

... the first three songs were kind of grating in that they were the same sound and tempo with different backing instruments. They are all pretty simple songs, in my opinion, but #2 and #3 were good enough. Track #5 is quite nice... but then it ended. I dunno, they're all likable, and you do some cool effects, like the strings that fade in on track #14. And despite there being subtle differences, it's hard to distinguish the tracks, really.
  --fvertk of atease mb, August 8, 2008

[Today & The Years Gone Bye] took me away,instead of focusing on the music or other things like random thoughts,i had no focus,i wASNT THERE BUT I WAS,kinda like long prayer outside with your eyes closed then you open your eyes and you realize oh im outside and alive and god is here
  --Josh Cosby, March 19, 2008

I forgot to say (a long time ago): Sound Without Effect and Today & The Years Gone Bye are probably my two favorite MARS albums yet! On each, the tracks line up so well, and there are a few really intense soundscapes that I listen to over and over again.
  --Egg/Muzzz, March 27, 2008
Norvon Mac
well well well!

the final key to the proverbial puzzle!

must admit found this one a bit baffling... that short being an LP? ... so EPish!

just cuz it was 10 tarker [with 3 beez! though 2 of those were rehashers! uh!]

some nice stuff

the short stuff can just kinda fly by

and well with all this time and just no dang 2010 releases it feels a bit weird you think it'd be longer or more epic or something

still a solid enough little release

and good to know that MARS ain't DEAD!

too bad 06 had to be a total dead year! [though 05 stuff was kind of cheap! ESP> after such insanity in 03/04!]

the rebirth of 07/08 or whatever was kinda groovy

change in sound / EVOLUTION

but i hope you can evolve even FURTHER!

it'd rule if you did more fake choir / real human vox [yours or SOME GUY or hey even some GIRL!]

hey hey

  --Ash of atease mb, February 4, 2011
Prodigious in Paltry
now some 2 song dealy / release that isn't supposed to be considered a single (y'all want a single? lol!) [what is it!]

just 2 little songs!

they're not very longs!

  --Ash of atease mb, April 18, 2011
I really like that version [of Scrib (for Ever.)] for reasons I can't quite explain. Also, I enjoyed Q & A & Z and "The Advent of Thunder" is probably my favorite song of yours, now!  --Egg/Muzzz, January 17, 2008

That song 3 Rugs is dope, I put it on my profile.
  --Matt Ott of MySpace, July 7, 2006

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