1. I thought about how I was dying to exist.
    -Minds 1-14 
  2. My feet are soaked in dew. My legs are soaking it in. Now my legs won't bend. It's like I'm moving without motion. When I live this evening, I won't lose the feeling of missing you.
  3. Scab ridden faces morph as if the ultimate control is given to a siege but the only way out is the common registration of pieces sewn to part. C-A-T-A-S-T-R-O-S-P-H-E-R-E The Ultimate Lawn Simulator
    -A Common Registration of Pieces sewn to part 
  4. Some will never know just who they are and where they'll go. Some will never know if they had the heart
  5. I wonder around this maze unknowing it's small. The light begins to break as I wonder with all the good times had but robbed I go on to an end that lays me down alone.
  6. The shades of this place is less than I knew. With danger all around my courage can be found.
    -Cingle Sircle Sing'll
  7. Destiny, formations, and failures. There is always more to find up close eh?
    -Rippn up Lettuce <-PM
  8. My power was built on the backs of those before me. I made nothing but I pretend to own.
    -Mega Kettle Maze 
  9. Voices transcending air and time. I reached for what I knew couldn't be mine.
    -Know Storm 
  10. I could not stay constant or find true meaning for years until I stopped moving and started making choices.
    -No Storm 
  11. I could not reach control so I always stayed under it.
  12. I shook by my hand until I lay while I stand.
  13. Time nor words could explain how I burst out yet fell in.
    -External Implosion 
  14. Our ancestors were silenced as slaves and we now become slaves anew. The voltages surround us and we haven't got a clue.
    -Time Cotton 
  15. Our children whipped themselves until we felt the need to empathize.
  16. We combined our efforts in pollution and successfully created a world that ruled us.
    -TCI: Time Cotton/Incur
  17. We had all the facts except how to use them. We had all the power except the power to not abuse it.
  18. Courts won't let us keep things the way they were but still I can dream.
    -Rose Garden Dream 
  19. Some of you hid unknowing that fear is not safe.
  20. Fat stomachs make fat wallets then it all gets sucked away together.
    -Sit in the beef. 
  21. Because the world no longer cares, it does not matter if they understand.
    -The darkened Reality of Real-Estate 
  22. If memory fades will you portray a new way?
    -Fogless Maybe
     The Best of MARS
  23. Gently hollow but resolved. Gently hollow but resolved.
    -Gently hollow
  24. Falling free, you follow me up and down
    -Elevater Trace 
  25. I am found somewhere else as someone else.
    -Languishing Mirth 
  26. You took my mind and made it your own. Still I cannot forget although what I do not know.
    -Minds 15-25
  27. I was not what you wanted so you made me look a new way just like all the others, dead but perfect.
    -Digital Death
  28. A beginning without an end. A child without a friend.
  29. I met you under the clouds with your face lit by the moon. I hated your plans yet wanted them as my own. The next song played after noon.
  30. Loving all we can until we can no longer be alone. They reject our love, we will fight for it.
  31. Our love is mutual so I will save you as the world around you drowns.
  32. Thrown into delight my fun was cut short as I was thrown again trying to fight back. I landed in a place no one would want to be. I awoke unencumbered by my night time experience and headed to work happy with my surroundings but desperate for a coming love.
  33. Taken apart with instuctions I could not be what I once was but I am held for a while and turned into mush.
  34. By request I'm filled and looking my best.
  35. Protection makes pain a waste of time.
    -Jealous buried passion concept look.
  36. Fantasy is reality. Pain can be temporary. Love is wonder.
  37. False perceptions, a multitude of lies, a war for our minds, the true sound all but dies.
  38. Tiny recreations of mind and matter.
    -Piemerican Games Soundtrack
  39. Our projects fail but those of God prevail. We are building more so we need more of you to spend.
  40. Corrupting the past leads to abrupt ends.
  41. One almost always returns to the hunger of unique tastes and can only survive so long without them.
    -The Return Turns 
  42. Speeding towards honesty the trail provided a fire of thankfulness.
    -MARch (Revised & Revisited) 
  43. Something I dreamed of that made another dream come true.
    -The Meeting
  44. To the edge of the world without a cloud in the sky.
    -Fogless Maybe (Special Edition)
  45. Hand cork bow rain card! System ate is were flies for eight! The deafest home swims for an isle. Location cache under run. Four its sit around the table, one is for U, one is for me, one is for us, one is not free. Air called the night with hunger then sat on stage undone. Air was undone. Window pain I can’t get through you.
    -Besides:  Equal Non-Equal Neutral 
  46. Unfiltered prominence to wash a falling shadow. Get to the door before they listen. Give some more before no one cares.
  47. Very strong goats agree that buying Music from the AudiOcular Manifestation Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? is good for you and no one would want to disagree with very strong goats.
    -Music from the AudiOcular Manifestation Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
  48. I was under a rest sleeping on the floor. I did my best still I could wake no more.
    -No Answers Are Worth These Questions
  49. Found in the flames.
    -Zeatin Cur Parquet
  50. You can color me too but you can't color me blue.
    -Q & A & Z 
  51. You killed Your Son before there was all that ever was.
    -The Advent of Thunder
  52. Anger fell through change until we were alone, not knowing anyone was left.
    -Sound Without Effect
  53. I was in wonder while you were abate. Half-hearted but funner, we knew not of mistakes.
  54. I know you better than I had thought possible.
    -The Meeting (EP)
  55. I awoke before sunrise with expectations low. I thought this day would color the world. I cannot be sure it won't. I thought of the past today, how most days are the same and others wonderfully won't end. I can't reride the roads of the past but I can let my inside out and my outside in.
    -Today & The Years Gone Bye 
  56. I have warned you to stay away. It has control of me. And now I feel its way.
    -Traded Society for Technology
  57. At this time unchecked efficient beauty brings contradictions.
    -Music from the AudiOcular Manifestation Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Vol. 2- The Sounds of Christmas Eve
  58. We meet what we could have been, put together in another place, attempting life by identity. Time is beyond control and what we change comes back and makes us even more the same. We think we search for what we don't know. The creator makes us free. He seals and holds us. Then we carry His word to the world as we look on with eyes anew.
    -SHOT BY TIME:  MARS Singles, the first 5 years
  59. Walking as with a third leg in the real world. Work and city has changed my perspective. I carry around a new view and see beauty in what was intentionally lost.
    -Portage Kaleidoscope of Crackled Arbitraries
  60. We learn from our forefathers by war and word. We learn to separate and see what we should not. We cannot make ourselves clean. This comes only by fire, silence, and seeing beyond what we think we can see.
    -The Stars Are in the Sky Hollowed Out
  61. Living and running and being free. Down below things are different and cold. We watch to be like others which digs us lower and lower. We hide in closets having only the power to eat. We don't want to hear the truth but we still want to believe.

    -Rejecting Sound
  62. I'm not sure where the water flows. It has been stored up at the end & cannot be opened. Then she comes and we say it again & again.  ~Outstrumentals
  63. Slow movements in moments transform me into someone else. Someone I want to but can't afford to be. I see with my ears who I am and am handed another chance. But who am I but who I am today?  ~Catastrosphere The Ultimate Lawn Simulator
  64. Bringing to light this sutured empire.  ~Tyrants of the Deep
  65. Liseleven three thou aeautiful outsanity:  Soldiers kept together without emotion. Sound outside of what we are yet farther through space. Nothing comes out as it should be. I try to reach to the sky but it goes too high. The propaganda soon rearranges how we see and makes them all they can be. All that remains is what is inside of us all. There is no more room at the top as they "purify" for their gain. Now the cold falls down as we become the ground.  ~Equal Non-Equal Neutral
  66. There was almost a purpose but it robbed my rest. I'm not at home. I'm here affected by empty effects.  ~Norvon Mac
  67. Anywhere or alone, I have it all, I have a home.  ~Prodigious in Paltry
  68. I want what you want yet I don't know. I fight & I scrape feeling dark & alone. But there you are freeing me & filling me up because I found what you wanted. You simply wanted me.  ~Mirroring Wishes
  69. Fourteen.  ~on dört
  70. I could hear how my brain handles morning light.  ~A.M. Rang a Song
  71. Smothered by survival with pleasure that never knocks. Love is not idle but we're all in the garage.  ~Food Dood
  72. To save time I only looked at me then I grew my mind & was set free. The packers & gardeners could not let me go ungroomed. I wanted them out of my ear so they lost root. Now I am free to live while resting complete. A whole new language is opened up to me. You won't make me into a goat again. I am a warrior who doesn't need to win.  ~Wonbex Ider
  73. There is nothing to remember & we will help you get up. We'll keep you warm in December & loved for the rest of your life.  ~Zer- Cred--
  74. Through the barren I found what I could be. Beautiful lights shining on & from me. I heard blue explode & drift away. But still they were searching as if it persisted to the day.

    Making it impossible is the easiest thing. Fear will depress you & grate on your brain. They couldn't get started. They aren't enjoying the good they deserve. For them it is sadder than sunset in a wilderness world.

    The cuffs stay on for all of their lives. You have to erase your heaven's eyes. I wish you were all riding with me in this amazing place but your self-imposed night is always ready to lay waste. Some day you will know what it was really about. When the credits are rolling just don't walk out.  ~When Blue Blew

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