Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? The Movie


(The Joe) & El Rey

Attempted redraft

Please note that this was the first thing I ever wrote to be a script. I've cleaned it up a tremendous deal. Keep in mind also that this is Piemerica so a lot still won't be sense.

[Swooping overhead camera shot comes through trees to reveal (The Joe) & El Rey walking down the street. Loe Moe is having another flashback & hits them with his car again. Upon impact rainbow blood splatters the title across the screen "Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? The Movie"]

[(The Joe) & El Rey are wearing nooses as a laughing sun beams light directly into their eyes. The blue screen flashes various stupid things such as:  cartoon cats coughing up hairballs, a man getting hit by a cannon ball, Pong, & various scenes from later in the movies.]
Enter Loe Moe with a snake bottom from the right
Loe Moe:  Finally down cut you

[Blue fish with an afro is hovering via a fan]
Blue fish:  We know you made Pluto cold. What should be Punishment?
El Rey:  Kill not us do
A hole in the film wearing a crown:  Up shut!
[P.O.C. is flying around in the background]
[(The Joe) & El Rey are put on a hanging stand with nooses around their necks. (The Joe) is missing his right arm & there are wires there instead]
Loe Moe:  Leg break theirs!

[Loe Moe is wearing a female wig & holding a sledge hammer above his head with his right hand.]
Loe Moe:  I am so a pretty girl!
[Loe Moe breaks (The Joe)'s legs which are sitting on cinder blocks, as (The Joe)'s unwounded torso watches from across the room]
(The Joe):  Oh no my legs!


Original Script

Me & El Rey walking down street. Lo Moe having another flashback hits us & kills us with his car again.
5 seconds later after the screen turns rainbow when we die. Show the title.
We're in the desert
(The blue screen flashes a bunch of things) cats vomiting, man getting hit by cannon ball, pong, various scenes from later in the movie
Loe Moe say "Finally down cut you"
We have nooses around our necks |2083 - Pluto (bottom of screen)
"We know you made Pluto cold what should be punishment?" say little blue fish with afro
"Kill not do us" says El Rey
"Up shut" says crown wearing hole in film
P.O.C. is lfying aorund in the sky
We get put on stands
Loe Moe shouts "Leg break theirs!"
Lo Moe has sledge hammer & wig breaks my legs
Backflash (takes back to normal?)
We get hung including P.O.C., a butterfly, sandpaper, & elvis

Back on street
I say "stay sorry not can we. Have Us put to & Toxic Waste in Forest Dump. Long So."
Loe Moe passes out. We see Piece of Crap in his car that happens to be filled with water.
El Rey Rolls down window (from outside). No water comes out
P.O.C. starts driving I am then in a fly suit as the car goes from 0 to 600 in .4 seconds.
I shove P.O.C.'s head down in the water & drown him & he dies.
The water shoots me out to the forest dump & P.O.C.'s car blows up like an atomic blast
I land on my feet wearing a backwards bra & tv for pants
At the Forest Dump Meese & El Rey see the Giant 3 Eyed Squirrel
I say "There look see I G3ES"
El Rey say "Bear Hey Looka"
El Rey is now wearing what I was wearing (in a smaller size) & I wear normal clothes but then have a jerricurl.
G3ES eats the bear (nexst we do scene from Fugitive & jump then die)
After we but straight back & a robot is there
"Squirrel Three Eye Giant Bears all killed now must die. For be I portre master to palace in" says Robots
Sif Ab jumps out of a tree in a fish n/a package of cheetos suit
"Robe hey bot go do what we are now supposed 'ot" says Sif Ab
Soup or Man beats Rod Mooz in the back ground
El Rey "He beats me."
I- "Shut up!" POW!
Piece of Crap says "I know what to do. Write a letter to Gino Clause."
"Gin Deliever to children" says Soup or Man?
All look & smile at screen
(90 seconds later)
G3ES says "ray!Hoo Gino Clause is here & he brought Pimpy the Smerf him with"
Pimpy says "Hoe Hoe Hoe you want one? Fiddy Bucks"
"well I've be got sten..... What? What are you doing El Rey? says Soup or Man as El Reyes eats Soup or Man with cooperation from left hand that has spoon
Soup or Man takes out a quadroople barrel shot gun & shoots El Reys many times as it rains gin in plastic bottles so it won't get wasted
(Screen splits suddenly) Shows peopl on right puking while getting hit by basball bats & attacked by real bats *spray painted or painted rainbow
Left continued to rain gin now in glass & shows falling on people's head & damaging property
(Screen splits to 4) top left is gin scene top right is retard crap bottom left screen flashing many diff pictures bottom right the bats scene
Sif Ab is the attacked in the bats & dies during gin rain scene
Screen splits to 12 all show Sif Ab getting shot in front of Diff back rounds & reaps a lot then switches to Sif Ab getting fan over in diff background from diff angles
Next in an instant it's the 70s
we're all painted solid black & have black contact lenses & we have afros (I'm not total black)
I'm a very sharp dressed pimp & Shaft is there so is Superfly
The Shaft theme song starts & a shaft music video parody start (inviible guy is also painted black) after it's done we come back to the story
Camera on Gino Clause & says "Rod have I much only so Gin Drinking stop must you!"
Rod has finished 20 bottles of gin at this point (40oz)
Rod Mooz finally dies & is taken to hospital they measure his blood alchol level at 100 zillion thousand
5 seconds after the lens is in a sink of water & a tiny Bum (B.U.M.) is there & a close up starts & Bum is in a chair (front view) in front of a back ground with just the word water on it in big letters
They says "gin it's no joke I spent all my money on gin, I lost my house my car in wreck, I lost my wife, Bubbles the Cat, I even lost my second wife to dehidration which was a case of gin.
Now that I'm a bum & have absolutely nothing so it doesn't matter if I drink gin all that matters is that they pay me a 40oz an hour every hour I'm on the set I"m not ashamed to stay here non stop.
So to conclude gin it's no joke it really really  is good."

Page 5 alt.
"G#ES bears all killed he. Lets go to Antartica they is be theair bears." Says P.O.C.
3 seconds later we are at home Depot we get 5,000 bucket & then a crappy Elmo imitation says "guys These like they look idiots are."
Then a steel chair with mouth (the other chasher) "be That'll 5

"G3ES robots to get out him. He bears all kill. We now go must to Antartica to get bears" says Piece of Crap.
3 seconds later at home depot we come up to the check out with 500 buckets
Really bad fake Elmo says to steel chair with mouth (other cashier)
"Idiots look be to guys these"
Steel chair says "That'll be 5 billion $"
"rightlas" says I
We then fly with the buckets to Antartica
We start search for Polar bears
We fins polar bears tie the buckets together put them in water thump the polar bears to make them unconscious slide them on the buckets we tie the ropes form our buckets to our necks
We put propellers on our buts & boat away with 8 bears
We arrive back in AmerrIcka to find the robots are there
"stop friend ours Eye 3 No Squirrel the Giant is" says El Rey
"woo do ama looma so backo" says robot
"Uoo no mostar!!" says Lo Moe
"you go no want us to get" says robot
"n't Do us let away with me get" says Giant 3 Eyed squirrel
I yell out "Boo Bab Boo Bub Blah!" as I jump with my arm out the stop the Robots then get hit by car
"Yarblett!!" I fall on ground & burst into flames
"Ya go bu latto gobla!!!" say I. Life up arm & put fire out
"Go Blah! Go BLAH! to get to them for stop! owN" say I

The Bridge Scene!!!!
Me & El Rey walking to bridge look stupid (swaying) stupid music
El Rey say "hey look a bridugudune"
I say "What SHOULD We Do EL Rey?!!"
"You should jump!!" says El Rey
"OK!!!" say I with eyes wide open bugging out
I jump off bridge I"m immediately back on it
"jump again" say El Rey
"Ok!!" say I
(This repeats with me jumping off over & over. eache time i jump my bodie stays at the bottom)
Piece of Crap comes by "Hey Look Joe's DEAD!!" same way I said it
Jump splat repeatedly
P.O.C. see me at top I say "hey" we jup at same time repeat very much
Last time P.O.C. gets hit by car as he try to jump the car swereves with him p on winshield & goes off bridge
He fall to ground & car land on him & explodes
scene then repeats over & over again

"Away well 've they with got G3ES" says Soup or Man?
"Dea Joe yeah is" says Artie
"Guess I well get G3ES 'll" says El Rey

(The Gas Station Scene)
We went broke from buying buckets so I got Woe Coe (invisible guy) & El Rey to rob the store.
I"m at the gas pump pumping gas into the roof of my plastic bag car while El Rey & Woe Coe go inside
"Hey Rod" says El Rey
"Unughhhhhhh what do you want" say Rod Mooz
"That Joe is out there pumping gas"
Woe Coe is behind Rod Mozz with machine gue shots Rod Mozz very much.
He then gets up 5 minutes later
I come in to pay for gas

Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? The Movie
Written by Emperor MAR with some additional writing done by Micah Peterson (P.O.C./MP no OC
Written October 28 & 29, 1999 & November 1, 2, & 9, 1999
Attempted redraft edited October 4, 2004
Changes made include:
Overhaul editing done.
The script now coincides with the comic adaptation detail wise.
The addition of (The Joe) in place of Michael as the main character.
The removal of unnecessary obscene content.
Formatting into a more proper scripted form.
The removal of the accent on the E in El Rey's name.

Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
1999-All Possible Futures Piemerica