Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?

Various Ideas

(The Joe) & El Rey
For the Movie
Giant 3 Eyed Squirrel eats all the bears. The robots won't stop him. We (Joe, P.O.C., & El Rey) go down to Antarctica to get polar bears & spray paint them brown. Then we float back on buckets to America as we put propellers on our butts & tie ropes to the buckets to take the bears there.

Death Scenes
  • White tiger stuffed animal acts as a stunt man & falls down the steps at a stadium. The tiger gets blown up & the camera catches fire.
  • We eat too much watching our own movie & explode.
  • Sauce rains & robots eat us.
  • El Rey dies after being put in the wrong pocket.
  • Joe & El Rey jump off a bridge 5 times & then die. P.O.C. comes & jumps off too. Joe comes back & greets P.O.C. at the top of the bridge & they both continue to jump off but their bodies stay at the bottom of the bridge pilling up. Eventually we have to jump up to the pile yet we still die anyway.
Gas Station Scene
Joe goes to Rod Mooz Gas Station. After pumping the gas with an old water pump. Rod Mooz wants his money because Joe over pumped Rod threatens to call the cops. Joe says "Invisible woo woo!" Rod Mooz shoots Joe. Joe lye on the ground as Rod comes up to him & says "You money give I now?" Joe reaches into his pocket & pulls out a penny & says "Sorry over pump for"

We went broke after buying the buckets so we get Woe Coe (Invisible guy) to rob Rod Mooz Gas Station

P.O.C. Death Scenes written by & for P.O.C.
  • I'm walking on a building & El Rey drowns me
  • I'm driving & Joe drowns me
  • Soup or Man? takes my head off, eats it, & in the next scene I have my head back.
  • I jump off a bridge and a car hits me while I'm in the air.
  • A car falls off a bridge & blows up on me.
Robots enslave humanity & we party!
A car eats the entire cast & itself. P.O.C. is burning in the background.

For the Show
January 18, 2000
Wind beneath my wings
pizza flashback
suit flying
wait I don't have wings
AA fall next to rail road tracks & a tied up me is next to me on the tracks
me untie me
throw me on track & slice pizza mmmm sauce
Rod Mooz "Hey Bing Crosby I'm dreaming of a Christmas upside your head"

My body double is a bald Albino dwarf with 1 leg

February 7, 2000
Joe: The Boogie Woogie Flu (dances)
P.O.C.: Disco Fever  (dances)
Joe: Ebola (dies)

August 2000
8/22/00 6:30-7:00
No Rain News
Car wash
poor stupid

8/23/00 7:00-7:30 AM
Announcement over intercom:  Food Taste good Results only occur when eaten
Everyone Yells "What the Eat?" & Havoc insues
Bust →cans Freezers
no package opening
Bites peps shop carts Floor selves Shelves

8/24/00 7:10-:15 AM
Shut up Cow
Moo (Rep.)
I am gonne ect.
(DoDoDo Do  DoDoDoDo) (Rep.)
end jump on cow's back & breaks
Begin cow walk in room
chase screen w/ music
Deterierate in Arm from Anger (shaking fist in air)

8/28/00 7:55-8:00 AM
Famous Classic
(The Joe) stands & a bat swings from 20 ft. away at head level
(The Joe) yells "Ow my Leg!" & grabs his leg
(The Joe) runs through the set & gets tangled in the strings that hold the bat up
Another Thing
During the National Anthem a guy gets stabbed in the back & starts to cry from the pain
The guy next to him says "Now that's a real American"
Ends with"of th Bra--ve" guy falls down
Yet Another
The wind blows & hits (The Joe) in the eyes & he screams in pain & rolls on the ground
Woe Coe:  you ok?

Unknown Date
Skinny guy Car hits
Whip eat fire
cars Deli cut arm eat
busl throuh
Bite Floor
midget picks up car & eats it
Dipers me eat pie
Shard glass
Uhere go
Tofu fire

Unknown Date by (The Pete)
guy reaches back like a pimp and eats a pie
(The Joe)
Savage beatings
Henry Rollins has steel pipe   beatings
Glenn gets savagely beaten by Rollins
Glenn is eaten by (The Pete)

Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
1999-All Possible Futures Piemerica