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Piemerican Magazine #4

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Please Advice Oven:What do I do about not being able to think of a question to submit to the advise oven?  -Empress Lori

    There are many things that can be done as question making is loads of fun. Backhanded questions are often answers about people’s character. If someone is playing a character that they are not at least playing is fun. Funning is like running but with a different letter. Letters to the advice oven are always of answerable content due to the knowledge of knowing that people who ask already know but just want to see how far someone else will go.
    When you think give yourself a wink, a wink that thinks for you, because if you think a loan there is much to be had from a wink. Paying back mental winks should be done in the privacy of one’s home. If you pay back a think wink in public your think wink may be stolen by people who steal (statistically people who steal are the ones who have stolen the most things ever in history).
    The best thing to do when not being able to think of a question to ask us is to simply ask an answer (see Advice Oven concerning the answer to Nope?). And hot dog buns aren’t the only way to eat cereal under the moonlight, milk is good for this too and 10 out of 10 recommenders recommend using it. I being one of those 10 do not recommend it because we are being paid off by corporate interests but I get paid the least meaning I’m the least valuable and if I spill the coconuts about what they are doing I would be the first one to be iced. And nothing says advice like cold cold ice.

2009 Piemerica

Written by Emperor MAR
February 22, 2009

Advice Oven

Piemerican Magazine #4