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Chatting Foreigners
Dear Advice Oven,
Why are there so many foreigners on chat?

Well fellow Piemerican to be honest the rest of the world talks faster than us Piemericans. Ever since the capturing of our state bird, the water buffalo, foreigners have been wanting to talk to us in hordes. Due to that we can't hear them & no one will talk one at a time. In chat rooms people can talk in unison without sound confusion & this is why they prefer chat. People who get down to the nitty gritty shouldn't eat bugs. Since we are on the topic of horseshoe shaped dual glue sticks I would like to touch on the subject of fingerprinting. In this great land of ours we dispute whose land it really is because we don't want to share. There is one thing we all share & that is our language.. wait this is about foreigners so I guess not.



Written by Emperor MAR
February 16, 2005

Advice Oven