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Traps of Peril
Some people have a taste for blood but I say let blood taste it's own food. When I was trapped in a trap people used to say to me "Need some help?" and you know what I said? If not too bad because I'm not going to tell you. Often times it is wise to "avoid peril" yet other times it is very wise. "Who goes looking for peril?" you, the imagined reader may ask. "Well who doesn't?" I, the avoidant advice proprietor asks instead of tells. Sometimes you wake up & feel like singing yet few people wake up feeling like signing, a contract for their immortal dignity. The reason is because their dignity isn't immortal. Fifteen percent of people read the fine print in their morning haze more often than their evening haze. But at perfect noon one's attention span can be held for 60 seconds to read the fine print. That is why people only talk at lunch & never sign things. If people were meant to read the fine print they would have made the fine print sexy. In a similar fashion is today's fashion. From decades in the past came the present. What better present is there than a present of the life of current existing time? Understand that this is because you, not us, use the word present instead of some other word like freezergoblin, which is what we'd use. After the business meeting we feel like going to a club, the violent kind because things didn't go so well. Look on the positive aspectial side of it though. That being that things stopped well, halting even. You might pain for that midnight snack if so you may actually be starving.. for hope. Yes Bob Hope has passed on you filthy cannibal you. Yourself woke up only to fall back to sleep. Dependency does not have a holiday, remember that. If nothing else happens then it is over. Look up with joy & honesty & say "I'm sorry for lying to you clam. It has all been a sham. The last time I ate a wombat waffle was while I was tuned into myself for I am an inanimate radio whose lifespan is still yet to be determined." Are you holding off or holding on?

2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
February 15, 2005

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