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Piemerican Magazine #3

Three work themed advice ovens are included in Piemerican Magazine #3.
Baked Goods include:
The Call of the College
Education or Ventilation
Time for Dime
Piemerica's Advice Oven
The Call of the College
Advice Oven:
How do I do all my college school work?  -Egg/Muzzz

•    Firstly, please that I do not nor have I never goned to colleige. So my add vice may knot bee very goad.
•    Thirdly, rushing through work like a Russian© would repel you to a quick trick of a slick chick (grilled chicken).
•    Eighthish, doing is like shoeing because doing is like shoeing meaning.. walking is doing and shoes are walk helpers. We can help you walk if you help us talk.. to vine horns.
•    6th, wear bright colors in the rain so when it rains rain will rain on rain (create puddles). This is an excellent study for science class.
•    Fifty, if you want to do all of your work for all of your class then you have to be able to read & right & sometimes fight the urge to not do college school work.
•    Twode, mimes never run out of time but they do run into it. Ouch!@mime.com
•    Fort, you may sometimes feel like you are being rushed around town in a grey hound bound for college or life or life at college. The points are that if you repeat yourself like we have, if you repeat yourself like we have, then you can.. if you repeat yourself like we have, then you can have more words in your college work papers for you to have to been forced written.
•    June Seventh, Congratulations student you have finished all of your college school work. Come let us celebrate with this mail in rebate.

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Written by Emperor MAR
March 27, 2006

Advice Oven

Piemerican Magazine #3