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Piemerican Magazine #3

Three work themed advice ovens are included in Piemerican Magazine #3.
Baked Goods include:
The Call of the College
Education or Ventilation
Time for Dime
Piemerica's Advice Oven
Education or Ventilation
Advice Oven:
In the situation where work is necessary and school isn't but going to school would produce greater future...is school or work more important? 'note' going to school requires less work which means poverty.  -Joenan

   In this situation work is more important in the present & school is more important for the future. Overall work seems to be more important, for you can have a future without school but can't have much of a present or future without work.
   I think it is about time we thought school a lesson. A lesson about how to learn. The school knows how to teach but can schools learn? Teaching a school is like teaching a mule. Teaching at school is like teaching a student. If you ever get lost in the woods maybe lumber isn't your thing.
   Poverty is a good way to not count money. "You can count on me boss." Being smarter makes you a better starter. Going to school can make your dreams come true. Particularly the dream about going to school in your underwear. If you spend all your time below sea level you won't be able to see anything. I can show you a good time but you wouldn't be in it.

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Written by Emperor MAR
October 18, 2005

Advice Oven

Piemerican Magazine #3