Piemerica's Advice Oven
ID Umm

Dear Advice Oven,
I lost my ID how do i know who i am?

Well well.. When one loses one's identification there is some sort of penalty & reclaiming of it. However in Piemerica we don't have IDs we only have IVs (not fours) full of liquid pie (Crystal Pepsi 2000). What could be better than the worst? Everything that is right so be positive about your mystery identity. Now you can rob banks of the privilege of having you as a customer.

If you really have no idea who you are just ask your friends. As long as they weren't the ones stealing your identity they should tell you the truth. Remember, "If spiky hair with an insane glare don't go there!" Actually you really only need the insane glare. Glaring is becoming raring in reversed discrete manners.

Do you have any idea of how important an ID is? We are not sure if this was ideat but the only advice we have is the idem. To imagine the identical person who is identifiable as you can make you wonder if you should sell masks of an idolum nature. The idiopathic idleness of losing an ID is unacceptable. Losing your ID & not knowing who you are is an idyllic thing compared to good 'ol amnesia.

2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
April 1, 2005