Piemerica's Advice Oven

Dear Advice Oven,
if i want 7 pies can i ask for a baker's half dozen since a baker's dozen is 13?

It is recommended by the Piemerican Healthy Attitudes Troupe (PHAT) to want as many pies as possible. So you should beware because the one healthy attitude they don't have involves eating tons of pie.. we mean "violence towards pie diminishers" If you were to fast forward you'd be really hungry. The longer you stand in line the more discipline you have. So if bakers are takers then they will receive money upon the reverse receiving of it. Climb into the oven it isn't that easy to make a baker's half dozen. It is possible. It is not possible. It may be possible. The longer you stare at the clouds the more likely rain will get in your eyes. We combed the land because litter is not jewelery.

2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
March 19 & 23, 2005