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The Guy was a Porch
Tips to pack a suitcase? -[Deleted Before Name Came]

   I'm really broke right now so I never travel. I cut open my bean bag hoping there'd be beans in it but there wasn't so I had to cut open my 20 year old Stretch Armstrong doll & drink the corn syrup out of him. Yeah I'm how. How did you know? I wanted to go to France to eat authentic French toast so I walked into the ocean & never came back. If France sinks into the sea I may still get there some day. Nobody ever taught me how to wiggle but an aloe plant taught me how to squirm. I saw this guy with an orange on his head. No it wasn't a fake orange or a fake guy. The orange had a stem on it & eyes cut out in the front.. oh I guess that orange was a pumpkin & the guy was a porch.

   I love telling other people's secrets but the ones that are so secret they don't even know about them. Like how Abe Lincoln was named after the 16th President of the United States. The best secret I ever heard was still a pretty lousy secret because I heard it. I've done some strange things in my life but mostly with strangers so I wouldn't feel so strange.

2013 Piemerica

Written by Emperor MAR
June 26, 2013

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