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Piemerican Magazine #4

Piemerica's Advice Oven
The Scope of Nope
Nope? -wisper

    People disagreeing with you can be a harsh thing. So harsh in fact that some people change what they think just so they can be agreed with. Off color remarks usually mean that the teacher’s regular pen has run out of ink. Trying again is like buying again.. because what you bought the first time broke. When things break sweeping creatively can actually cause those things to break dance. Breaking something of use while dancing is also not uncommon in hypothetical circles. But are hypothetical circles really squares? Squares get you nowheres except within squares. Renting a box for shelter can be expensive if it rains because box rental services have no box insurance for rain related weather. Relatives sometimes fake faking being relatives of other relatives but in an under run stone case these people are always found out to be out and about because they are all about being out. Conflicts of statement are a conflicting item indeed, especially for those who need advice. Advice can be nice but harsh if taken as such. How you take it is how you make it. So don’t mope at a nope, just bestion the question.

2009 Piemerica

Written by Emperor MAR
February 22, 2009

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Piemerican Magazine #4