Piemerica: 2001 Chronchive
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10/2/01The darkened Reality of Real-Estate:
Episode D- Hun Gree, Are the(y) children(?)
Episode E- List Tail Whiped
Episode F- The way we walk is no longer versitile. Our iniquities have been counted.
Episode Fss- 'Barn Plotted redo.
Journal:  What is your favorite thing about Homecoming week?
10/4/01Journal:  What would you change to make homecoming better?
10/8/01The darkened Reality of Real-Estate:
Episode G- The darkened Reality of Real-Estate
Episode H- Bears on the FlooR
Story:  How a Dead Man Lives
Lesson of/for the Day
10/9/01Journal:  Do you think there will be retaliation for our bombs?
10/11/01Journal:  When you need to be alone what is your favorite place to go & contemplate life?
10/12/01The darkened Reality of Real-Estate Episode I- -----
Lesson of/for the Day
10/15/01Journal:  Have you ever been wrongly accused of some-thing? How did it make you feel?
10/16/01Lyrics:  Good and Chewy (Parody of System of a Down's Chop Suey)
Lives Out (Parody of RADIOHEAD's Knives Out)
10/19/01Lyrics:  Mirror
Journal:  Turn in.
10/21/01Lyrics:  Who Will I be Today?
10/22/01Lesson of/for the Day
10/23/01Journal:  Do you think a good education is necessary? or can you slide by-
Lesson of/for the Day
10/29/01Journal:  If you were put in charge of the cafeteria what would you change?
Oct '01Script:  Mission in Las Vegas