Piemerica: 2001 Chronchive
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Active Days: 15
1/3/01Lyrics:  Don't
1/4/01(The Joe)'s Great 1816 Speech
Lyrics:  Turn it Around
1/5/01Lyrics:  438 565Lies Are Like Weeds
1/6/01Lyrics:  Martyrs
1/10/01Speech:  Able to Camp Anvils?
1/17/01Story:  Bo Bo the Blinking Bongo
1/21/01Story:  Some one Like Me On t.v.
1/22/01(The Joe)'s Lesson of/for the Day is established
Lesson of/for the Day
1/23/01Lyrics:  Vaccum the World
Lesson of/for the Day
1/24/01Work on Equal Non-Equal Neutral Art Book begins
Comic:  Dooped
Lesson of/for the Day
1/25/01Lesson of/for the Day
1/28/01Comic:  The Amazing Plate Drain
1/29/01Analyzing Your Listening Skills
Lesson of/for the Day
1/30/01Lesson of/for the Day
1/31/01Lesson of/for the Day
Jan '01Comic:  Sit in the beef. (original hand)