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1/1/02Lyrics:  Walking the Fence
1/2/02Scripts:  (The Joe)'s Living WillUnder/overMindless Conversing of the mind
1/3/02Lyrics:  Negative Eight
1/8/02The darkened Reality of Real-Estate Episode S- Sloppy field
Journal:  Describe your ultimate vehicle. What would you own if money were no object? Why 
1/10/02Journal:  What are your talents?
1/13/02Speech:  Book Drinking
1/14/02Story:  Beautiful Man
Journal:  If you could spend a day with anyone in history, who would it be & why.
Top 3 Reasons (The Joe) Drinks Books
Lesson of/for the Day
1/15/02Lesson of/for the Day
1/16/02Lesson of/for the Day
Journal:  When I become a parent, I won't...
1/17/02Lesson of/for the Day
Journal:  Piemerican Mail
Piemerica E-mailing List Founded
E-mail:  Welcome Charter Piemerican News Members
Lesson of/for the Day
1/22/02Poetry:  LearnyThe Mouse Is A House
1/23/02E-mails:  Meet Piemerica(The Joe)'s Lesson of/for the day: 1/23/02Learny Spin Off- "The Mouse is a House"Learny
Journal:  Who is the most influential person in your life? Why
1/24/02Pieuro is founded
1/25/02E-mails:  Fwd: PIEUROPiemerican Sign up form(The Joe)'s Lesson of/for the day: 1/25/02
Joenan joins Piemerica
Journal:  If you could invent something to help mankind, what would it be?
Lesson of/for the Day
1/26/02E-mails:  Piemerica gets Piemericanized!(The Joe)'s Weekend Lesson Classic 1/26,27/02Piemerica for Piemericans
Shirt ManFritter join Piemerica
1/28/02E-mails:  (The Joe)'s lesson of/for the day 1/28/02getNewest Member
The Scott joins Piemerica
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1/29/02E-mails:  (The Joe)'s lesson of/for the day 1/29/02The basic essentialness of essentially : Preface
Journal:  What would you do if you were President?
Lesson of/for the Day
1/30/02Lesson of/for the Day
E-mail:  (The Joe)'s lesson of/for the day 1/30/02
1/31/02Journal:  What is the worst fight you have had with a friend? Why?
Lesson of/for the Day
E-mails:  (The Joe)'s lesson of/for the day 1/31/02(The Joe)'s Classic Book Drinking tip of the week
Jan '02Script:  Beginning or end of show?