Piemerica: 2005 Chronchive
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Total Chronchive Days:  12
11/1/05Lyrics:  A Song That has Not Been Written, Versus
Photos:  Skillet Hat & Wrecked Car
11/3/05Photo Gallery:  The Bookster
11/5/05Photo Gallery:  Sticks & Stones
11/6/05Photo:  Emperor MAR with Sunglasses
11/7/05Emperor MAR is officially employed for the first time
11/8/05Lyrics:   Baby's Breathing, False Testimony, Time Machine
11/12/05Lyrics:  Today Begins Tomorrow, Mixed Up
11/13/05Lyrics:  Mixture, Carousel, Exposed
11/14/05Lyrics:  I'm Over You
11/15/05Lyrics:  Symbol:  The Cross, Flowers, Short Term Memory, Clip Show
11/24/05Photos:  Emperor MAR & Lori onThanksgiving
11/26/05Photo Gallery:  No Parking
The DG contacts Emperor MAR, the first time in about 5 years
11/27/05Photo Gallery:  Homes & Hearts
11/28/05Emperor MAR moves to Louisville, KY to be with Lori