Piemerica: 1997 Chronchive
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Active Days: 22-24
12/??/97 Comic Book:  Blood Battles #9 Double Transformation
12/??/97 Comic Book:   M Comics Final Edition-  M Comics Credits
Wiscers Comics completely replaces M Comics
12/1/97 Cats Series 3B (12/1/97-1/1/98)
Action Comic:  Cats XL- Winter Wonderland
12/2/97 Action Comic:  Cats XLI- Winter Wonderland II Damage Report
12/3/97 Action Comic:  Cats XLII- Winter Wonderland III Secret Room
12/4/97 Action Comic:  Cats XLIII- Winter Wonderland IV Ice Cave
12/5/97 Action Comic:  Cats XLIV- Winter Wonderland V Tonic
12/6/97 Blood Battles #10 Double Trouble -Weekly Series (12/6/97-1/17/98)
Action Comic:  Blood Battles #10 Double Trouble Part I- Transformation's Transformation
Cats Weekly Series Begins a Spinoff- Stretch The Lost Years which runs weekly from 12/6/97-5/9/98
Action Comic:  Cats, Stretch They Lost Years Episode I- Return of Catos
Action Comic:  Yule Episode B- The Origin of Yule
12/8/97 Action Comic:  Cats XLV- Winter Wonderland VI Quintos
12/9/97 Action Comic:  Cats XLVI- Winter Wonderland VII The Horror of the Finger
12/10/97 Action Comic:  Cats XLVII- Winter Wonderland VIII Peaches2
12/11/97 Action Comic:  Cats XLVIII- Winter Wonderland IX Attack
12/12/97 Action Comic:  Cats XLIX- Winter Wonderland X Split Personalities
12/13/97 Action Comic:  Cats, Stretch They Lost Years Episode II- You Must Die
Action Comic:  Yule Episode C- First Fight I
Action Comic:  Blood Battles #10 Double Trouble Part II- Cyclops vs. Transformation
12/16/97 Action Comic:  Cats L- Winter Wonderland XI  Stretch Vs. The Polar Bear
12/17/97 Action Comic:  Cats LI- Winter Wonderland XII  Blood
12/18/97 Action Comic:  Cats LII- Winter Wonderland XIII  Strong Cat Vs. Blood Cat
12/19/97 Action Comic:  Cats LIII- Winter Wonderland XIV  Hot Day
12/20/97 Action Comic:  Cats, Stretch They Lost Years Episode III- Tails
Action Comic:  Yule Episode D- First Fight II
Action Comic:  Blood Battles #10 Double Trouble Part III- UFG vs. Transformation Part I
12/21/97 For Christmas Week
Action Comic:  Cats LIV- Winter Wonderland XV  Sun Crash
12/27/97 Action Comic:  Cats, Stretch They Lost Years Episode IV- Tails II Beating
Action Comic:  Yule Episode E- Hideout
Action Comic:  Blood Battles #10 Double Trouble Part IV- UFG vs. Transformation Part II
12/29/97 Action Comic:  Cats LV- Winter Wonderland XVI  Melting
12/30/97 Action Comic:  Cats LVI- Winter Wonderland XVII   Splash
12/31/97 Action Comic:  Cats LVII- Winter Wonderland XVIII  Tidal Wave