Piemerica: 1998 Chronchive
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Active Days: 18
2/2/98 Comic:  Cats LXXIII- Stretch Cat Vs. Catos XIV
2/3/98 Comic:  Cats LXXIV- Stretch Cat Vs. Catos XV
2/4/98 Comic:  Cats LXXV- Stretch Cat Vs. Catos XVI
2/7/98 Comic:  Cats, Stretch They Lost Years Episode X- The Reaper
Comic:  Yule Episode K- Hologram
2/13/98 Comic:  Cats LXXVI- Karate Cat
2/14/98 Comic:  Cats, Stretch They Lost Years Episode XI- Slicer
Comic:  Yule Episode L- Inside
2/16/98 Comic:  Cats LXXVII- Burning Catos
2/17/98 Comic:  Cats LXXVIII- Big Boned
2/18/98 Comic:  Cats LXXIX- Space
2/19/98 Pie Begins
Comic:  Cats LXXX- Home are the Heroes
2/20/98 Comic:  Cats LXXXI- Catos
2/21/98 Comic:  Cats, Stretch They Lost Years Episode XII- Wrath of the Reaper
Comic:  Yule Episode M- Jump
2/??/98 The Pledge of Pieleigence
2/23/98 Comic:  Cats LXXXII- The Sky is Falling
2/24/98 Pie Inc. Founded
Work on Pie Comics Begins
Comic:  Cats LXXXIII- The Sky is Falling II  Destination Moon
2/25/98 Lyrics (Hymn Parodys):  Amazing Pie (Amazing Grace),
Because There's Pie (Because He Live),
There Is Power In the Filling (There Is Power in the Blood)
Comic:  Cats LXXXIV- The Sky is Falling III  With the Tonic
2/26/98 Comic Book:  Religious Pie #1
Comic:  Cats LXXXV- The Sky is Falling IV  Explode
2/27/98 Comic Book:  Political & Business Pie #1
Lyrics:  The Pie (Parody of Fastball's The Way)
Comic:  Cats LXXXVI- The Sky is Falling V  Crash
2/28/98 Comic:  Cats, Stretch They Lost Years Episode XIII- Wrath of the Reaper II  Whiplash
Comic:  Yule Episode N- Free Falling