Jibber Jabber 2012

  • What is your favorite court:  tennis, basketball, or judicial?
  • ¿HA! I'm brain thingy for thought gettings were yeah.
    Maybe I'm an idiocy perfectionist but it took a lot of thought to say something so stupid sounding.
  • I'm always stuck typing "shorthand" instead of writing it. Lousy technology that lets me tell jokes to the world instantly with potential feedback. I'm gonna get history for my birthday and that'll show me not to complain.
  • I didn't know what they were before they existed either.
  • I knew it! ..now that I've read what you told me.
  • Trash is misunderstood like King Kong
  • You guys are actually getting a good work out if you are laughing. You're burning a lot of calories and tightening your abs. Come see me every night. My show costs less than a personal trainer.

  • What makes you tick, Swiss engineering?
  • Ahhh I like eating under waterfalls
  • I ain't no lie I'm a man.
  • some people like climbing puddles y'know
  • Thanks to Jesus now I only feel empty inside when I'm hungry!
  • Cruise control could be called coasting.
  • That football player casts a long shadow, that can't be good for his kids.

  • Most people can only count from 1-10 on their fingers but I can count from 1-17 using Roman Numerals.
  • Blahblahblahblahblah toad with a mowhawk Blahblahblahblahblah relationship trouble Blahblahblahblahblah crazy relatives Blahblahblahblahblah PUNCHLINE Blahblahblahblahblah & that's how Jim used his space heater as an eyedropper.
  • I don't do any celebrity impersonations vocally but I do do any impersonation of the back of Tom Cruise's hand. Google that hand, this is a good impersonation.

  • Moo cow or Mute Cow?
  • High Five Minus Five:  Use palm only
  • Stranger: Do you want me to do this 4 u?
    Me: 4 me? I don't have 3 clones
  • Me 1:  What's rie barn pie?
    Me 2:  That's not how its spelled. It sounds the way its spelled! At least mispronounce it right! And Rhubarb sounds weird enough on its own!
2012 Piemerica
Written by Emperor MAR
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