Jibber Jabber 2000-2001

Cloud Box Open HereAll In Stunning 3 -D ColorDrawn by }the Joemeister{ & (The Joe) 9/30/00


We shall now            maybe, just look.

Were they ever? Yeah. Is Yes? No!

Woe Coe

Skillet Hats I miss green carrot.
Drinking Books The melo tricket is the way ~P.O.C.

In high school some guys came up to me in the lunch line & said "you're the pie guy from middle school. Back then we didn't know what you were talking about but now we do" then I had to correct them that I was actually talking about the food pie not the other thing. I figured that me being so fat that it would be assumed to be for that reason 2x.

World's laziest man breaks his own legs.
Bänboo A dnôtS zilla.
Compute No admittance

Can you feel the combover?

Hälf a broom.

Hover, acorn hoof steam.

droH ,etsah no ekaL

Those pie will not be there. Half Volume?

Y No admittance

First we soap, soap, soap on A cave Harp.
-systole apple explication account one

Y-+=lafe,.Hard to explain.

Where are you? Am I here too soon?

Four winged candle on a broken indoor swing.
Burning slower than a wet metal thing.

Brain Dead Anchor
Willow Marker

If I jump out of a plane to deliver Dominoes Pizza what am I?
A Para-Noid

I chon't bunt eight sear lisp.

Smell Smell Smell

Piemerican Crazes & Phases:
Pie Inc.
#7 The Immortal
The Oatmeal Phrase
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
(The Joe)
Savage Beatings
Skillet Hats
Short lived crazes:  talking about stabbing, finger symbolism, Drink Chewbacca Cola, I'm Stupid

Wed. 1/24/01
( )  Sittingonin a bowl rym'n on a juice train.
Barn Tape
Can warped
plastic dogged

(List) for poem presentation
-Name -Beatnik -coffee -bongos
-bring stuff oo ahh wuh
-get poem
-bring own drink (Book)
The thought of milking logs fogs my mind with Drinking Book Glugs.
My canopener can sharpen knives into life.

& I thought Nebraska was stupid probably cause he is.

Smell Smell Smell

The Four Stages of Eating Food (way too much)

Eat Pie it Taste GREAT!!

Blow Wind Blow I have A white Fro
Blow Wind Blow I have A white Fro

"I've tried on many different soy flags but only one satisfies & that one is no longer around."
#7 The Immortal From fake book Incandescent Bulb Meat

Catastrosphere the Ultimate Lawn Simulator
Simulating Lawns Even over ditches.
In Remembrance of The Russian Tyrant Catastrosphere
The program is truly improved.
 Your high class attitude encourages me to follow my dream & simulate lawns.
Never Have I seen a lawn so well simulated

mork-> #13-_>-->over?

The Least Ultimate Lawn Simulator
The Ultimate Lawn Simulator
I like "(The Joe)" better than "Catastrosphere" it's easier to pronounce.
It's all NON-Sense !!!

Crimson Guardian of Piemerican Paradise by |Absolute SHAV|
Garbadge Stocks Sky Rocketed today.
As we sent our 1st shuttle of Trash into space.

Ifff IIii wearrr aAa bellttt wiill Iii gettt throwwnn outtt offf the Library[end]

System Shut Down. The understudies have been revealed. to pursverterant

An elevator on a farm
Hik Up
Hik Down

As the waves scrambled torches flew burning the dust off Angel's shoes


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Spindle moving close I can't task this.