Jibber Jabber 2003-2004

Piemerica supports all types of food style pie
we even support cheese cake because it is our secret agent in the cake world
Grave Digging Day because a funeral is never good-bye.

1,1,1- Tricholoroethane

My brain been sitting on the top shelf since 'ot 6 and there ain't nuthing you or anyone else can do about it.

Key lock true coated

Ghosts of Slavery
Garbage Shelter
List of Abrasions

emotional/digital rollercoaster

I must go now for the seatbelts are calling my name..
theme from old Incredible Hulk plays
wink wink
OW my eye!!
should have just winked once

novie- a novel based on a movie

wink sink
water runs
come back! come back!
I chased the water until anti-hydration

paid for..
yet I lay poor

there are no 2nds

If I ever go to prison I'm just going to leave the sink running all the time.

no troubles no more
now you can snore in peace
The fastest way to get to the center of earth is to dig through a mountain.
Don't discuss eyebrow  follicles.

Piemerica: lots of corporate evil but no ads

Piemerican Message Bored Ranks
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25Foggy Mix
50Street Sweep
75Jive Talker
100Book Drinker
125Piemerican Magazine Subscriber
150Elevator Tracer
300Coolsville Daddio!
500Hep Cat

Subliminal Messages
(found scrolling at the bottom of index2. Originally intended to be pop-ups every time you visit the page.)
1- Welcome  to Piemerica
2- Want more Book Drinking Action Aye?
3- Go to the Library
4- Why  go here when you can go for a stroll in the sunshine instead?
5- (If    it   is night  Iunderstand) Five visits here and you're still alive Wow
6- Go   to Pieuro  or Something
6.5- I figure someone coming here so much 'ot  drink   the  guestbook
7- The counter is already Broken
8- What the Eat?
9- You are   a true  Virtual Piemerican  [no (explanation) just dicontent(point)   to where?????
10-    ---=blankline=---o.o.o.ver[space]laps
11- port unnon SeA  w/ lin dreawn  throu   et This sentence has noend
12- ryes to the bott um .tod   .tod
13- LOs/s/s/s/s/s/s/s     ov{>--f]e Criminal Bridgemonster
14- under   the pave ment no help fromfuzzz     lnk cut off no validdisplacement procedure riz lot koff koff nex rahnd   ogogogog  I trailo,n

Great E-Mail titles: (mostly sent to Egg/Muzzz)
Read to find out
Pennies is(N) the baskidd
The deal of a lifetime & this isn't even poker
You site like you will
you'll see your future
Games A-hoyVen!
RP Gee?
No Subject.. or is there?
Be A Ware Wolf like me!
ADJ Acent
Mule Fever, Reverted Furlong!
Get BookD
Low quality Cola
Eggabalt... ... ... ..... ..... <-oh no ants!
Things to Come have already past... ... ... ..... ..... <-oh no ants!
No Math?
What's in-side!?,...
An Outside poosh
the edge of kate
Return to Sender
MARS in 3D
 Pro Mows The best cow powered tracker you'll ever own & not because it's the only one you'll ever own either, oh no, not at all...
Spell Fabrication.
Read it!?
A Subject Title for the Ages...........
Milted Exponents
If the 80s had its own constitution... ... ... ..... ..... <-oh no ants!
this is how to build a house on pick up lines -Joenan
1901: The Dark Side of the Broom. Henry Booth invents the vacuum cleaner.
On the corner of measured seasons.
Rose Garden DreaMARS
Comedy or Coma?
Our Strange inception.
Passed out in the Lawn
An Innovative Title
Ond & Ond. oh no I misspelled "On"! ah well what can I do? hit backspace. nah? (what else could have been here but erased?)
Something You'll never see *cuts out a chair & dwindles in between*
Falling A Sleep Faster
Red Venice
Floored & Invisible
Emperor on the MARve

Live Journal Jibber/Ateaseweb Jabber
& I used '&' too much.

Once again the period grows up .,;:!|?/\

When I ammend my subject it will convolsely toss away.

Now the rose turns blue, remembering years of many but soon to be few.

It's as fun as coal push on??? ?

!!!!???><-_----why so many question marks look remarks !!!!???

I got my arm in a sling eating a chicken wing & I don't have to worry about a thing.

I'm going crazy, yet folks say man (The Joe) you already crazy.
OK then I'm loosing my mind yet folks say man (The Joe) you already lost your mind long ago.
But that's not true I found my mind but my mind is CRAZY! Yet folks say man (The Joe) what is the problem then?
You cwee when I loose my crazy mind there is withdrawl symptoms.

Disco Nighted, only one.

In hindsight I have eyes on my buttocks.

There is so much that I could do but I am done.

Corndog Theatre

A hole in time.
Steel Talons abroad..!? the period grows up.
Elevater Trace
Red Light Glare
Drop. The Full Case
Escapdes Rout
Castrospheric quest-ion
Sit in the bweef.
baaments with no c |
Exported Memories
Live A Gain $$$
R-Zone so forgetable.
Fan Loose
Silver Heart
Surprised Ops.
HIdden Sentences. .
8ths Reversed
Part T
Frozen Capsules of Yarn
Delivery of an empty box (with no lox)..........
Glided off the handle
A Monday on a Wednesday?
Many letters = text

One of my favorite album covers so far I may just like it b/c of the ego maniac thing though.

I'm not relaxed I'm just laxed b/c someone played a prank on me.
It's hard to tell someone what b/c they always think you're asking them a question.

com .

I mute coms. to as I also abbrev. the word com. (ha! com . take that internet!)
but I hate with a fatal fury those McDonalds commercials, I'd like to go into mortal combat with the creaters of those b/c they unleash my primal rage

I'm better than the best. That's right I'm better than me!

Lets not listen.

 am completely crazy & lazy & hazy & grazy & certainly blazy?
(B) no (A) (C) (^) (>) (<)
night is not all the time lest you live up north highly
i cannot BE WARE buring the day!
do you eat beets & liver together?
U jbiw yiu weifght
this is what happens when you place your fingers in the wrong spot of the keyboard
free entertainment doesn't get any better than me, which makes you realize how crappy free entertainment is
Beware of bad hair.

Piemerica- Unexplained Explanation Point

ateaseweb Piemerican promo May 6, 2004
 Unexplained Explanation Point
Are you tired of tired?
Are you done with the non heroic super threads?
Ever wanted to say WHY!?!??
Well now you can do all that & more at Piemerica!
That's right kids you can dust off all those old shoes & then put them baCK!
The only way to permanently remove boredom is fear & true fear can only come from the delightfully sane, insane Piemerica!
So whether you like to jog or ride a hog..
whether you can't swim or don't know a guy named Tim..
even if you can't buckle your seat belt without slamming your eyes shut
you can visit our site.
Piemerica the site that will make you loose sight.. of bacon!

HIdden Sentences. .
Then perhaps you'll enjoy this.. it's a dream come intrusive!
A handshake?
Share some tea with me?

6=the reverse invertion of "*eternal edit*"
are you the 2nd in lINe?
what is the realator?
Spilt all over the canvas.

cobbled leddd beach.
milking oven for 50CENTS a bound pound!
hide your eyes under a melted photograph
won't let it slop a number
rhytm spelt backwards
of toasted lettuce?
upside clover ditch.
bottled cubes, icy cold mettle
wearing a jaquet this season?

sploty mccomb

Heroic Stage Plan

It's the big time now. Don't Open your Suitcase.
Plight bran tools Madam? No I'm not mad.

hold your horses no matter how heavy they are.

a winter wash on a cooking day

I eat & type with plates

If you had a led pipe would you try to stop it?

2004 Leftovers
Schooll kidddsss hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaahahaaahahaahahaha...
*voice box explodes*

Insects are tough. You ever punched a fly? Neither have I they're too fast.

I'm so poor/I used to be so poor that the only food I'd buy would be after dinner mints.
What I did was I ate them for dinner to create the illusion that I've already eaten dinner so I won't be hungry no more.

When bad things go down.. I ain't gonna frown

Monstrous ordinance tyrant dagger.

(after bad joke) Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk & the reason I say "Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk" instead of "huk huk huk huk huk" is b/c that joke was disgustingly unfunny.

I find it hard to call anyone an individual anymore, (pause) because none of them laugh at my jokes.

I'm not embarrassed when I get a pimple (yeah look what else is wrong with ya) Because all I have to do is emphasize the pimp.
I be like "Yo check out my PIMPle" & everybody else is like "Yo that's fly" & start dancing.

I choose to embrace death that's why I don't cut my hair or shave.

Bears don't wear clothes so please don't make a joke about it.
It was a bare bear I tell ya it wudn't even wearn a hat.

I don't know how of property use prepositions to (hold up 2 fingers).

I lost a lot of wait after the delay.

It ain't good for my kicks but it's good for my tricks.

So Spock up Klingon!

Like that time i went to the gorge & i was like "gorge what does that mean?" & then someone pointed at the gorge

I am I writer of words seeing that my only other choice is numbers & singles letters & gibberish... wow there are more choices than I thought

When I'm tired I'm like a freight train trying to dig a ditch. I've gotta crash.

I like to jump the gun alot so I don't get shot.

I'll tell you nothing!

I don't like puzzles I'll tell you why because the box already shows you what it looks like. There's no surprise at the end.
It's like "Ah 8 hours but I'm finally finished." And honestly the box looks better because there are no cracks in it.
I'd love to see a puzzle box with the wrong pieces in the box.

I'm too poor to have aides.

I'm back and forth a dangerous combination
my real name may be Spunksy McGee the Rudiferd Planksman
excuse my rudeness but I'm as tired as a lizard in a film about Scotland

reincarnametions of previants

this guy went into a bar.. & he got a concussion it really isn't funny or anything to joke about

Emperor MAR: (at a strange time)
i can't imagine why
i really can't because I don't know what I was talking about

Sometimes I wander & then I go back home.

I'd say something lame & predictably unpredictable but tis all foolishness to fool none.

Apr. 2004
Maybe it's better than I though. Hey where's the t? <-oh there it is next to the question mark & the h & the i & the x & the space & the o & the h & the s & i...

Piemerican Comedy Stage:
Emperor MAR blindly throws out poorly crafted jokes

I think the only reason why people retire is because as they get older their hearts can't take the sound of an alarm clock.

I'm never spoken unless someone says my name.

your eyes always follow you when you look in the mirror

You are a nerd.
Sweet & enjoyable.

I became a stand up comedian b/c ladies always say that a sense of humor is the most important thing
Notice if you will that none of the ladies in the audience will laugh tonight b/c I've said this

I'd say lol but it looks too much like a tie fighter & I'm afraid it will attack me

I'm gonna be a sitdown standup comic because I'm lazy.

It would be cool if I went to ASU then I could say I'm from ASU instead of USA
Feb 27, 2004

the fumes of China

MUMBLINg crown

I try to eat salad properly so I bring a suitcase of forks & none of them are the right kind
I try to eat salad prope

Nov 7, 2004
This is "Is" which is my new name

if I had the patience I'd be like "that's not a sword"

I'm ripping cds because I'm stron but not strong enough for the g

Soda Machine: I can't change.

2004 Chat Takes
  • 19-m-10ic, m stands for Mongoose.. *looks in mirror* no, no it doesn't
  • that promoting was shameful incase you're mad
  • now that I have rambled anuff to make you forgit about being a pilot all you need is to shake hands in the dark haha ha (<-that is meant to be funny)
    to win all you need is to send piktur & pilot name & I'll add a pilot hat to it so the weirdness of hand soup (yeah soup not soap!) unless autor you that I use previous pictir
  • howhaw CLowN fear fear(space)
  • Aside from the backbreaking work I do Piemerican style, I'm lazier than ever!
  • Kid's Bop... it's the worst thing since poisoned sliced bread.
  • From Emperor MAR to Shirtman: I was going to get you a shirt for your birthday but then I thought "what is the point?" & my finger wouldn't stop moving until 1 am
  • I'm an information hog (& other types of hog too), so I must know everything(polite)!
  • that's right I have a secret machine that tells me when I get e-mails. [its a komputer spelled with a G]
  • If corn rolls to the sea face the subject. Meaning the past is no longer now but humans feel & maybe they would like it too.
  • why is you such kid at home on a Moonday sorry Mondaay, lowsy goats!
  • yo dan spivey you cooled your jets yet? i'm in a real pickle
  • Yes=no whoops I mean yes=answer to question
  • Keep the lesser beings alive by providing sustenance. Under the baseball is the key, hah!
  • if & or when there is a key head toward the back then in tins & bags your goal lies
  • (in hilarious Italian accent) I make it for you today 30 minutes or less else it's free. wait it's already free then I make it whenever I want
  • laslo panafleX resides at the dirt and gravel escalator with mustard floors –Laslo PanafleX
  • It is spilled all over the inner net & nets are not oftin excaped from.
  • I may not be a Paper Rocket scientist but I know what I like
  • that's a surprise & so is this!
  • I do what I do when I do it so stopping won't occur lest there be no start
  • i assumed so or naught but now the or is gone much like... wait the or is still there & there it was again!
  • your friend is paranoid (delivers pizza in a reverse time machine from an aeroplane?)
  • sorry to yell. SORRY!!!
  • lets start over.. Goodbye.

2004 Atease Jabber
  •  I just learn to read English the past 15 years.
  •  the Emperor's death in Star Wars was cool & I'm sure that's what people will say about me
  •  How could I do a cover? I don't knit!
  •  |||..
    colrkanfp [ 0 ] [0.00
    UC ont feehe MI all he ls tht y FD iyoref [ 0 ] 00]I COE THS y methedos KES ft 2 cha0 ] [0.0%n te d ine dwe re w ararl ske| | | . . [ 0 ] [0.00%boxboxboxboxbox
  •  be a reader of text sash
  •  Radiohead vs. God himself, out with it!
     Emperor MAR:  God because I know Him. I've never met RADIOHEAD.
  •  Emperor MAR:  Art is mental emotion.
     pagasa:  Isn't all emotion mental?
     Emperor MAR:  Easy answer wasn't it? 
  •  sogladyouremine:  How long have you been learning English for?
     Emperor MAR:  100% of my life actually I stopped once I stopped
  •  I speak An English
  •  I put the compilation together so I get some credit to feed my already dangerously obese ego 
  • predux
  •  give what up, piquant pause?
  •  Crappy Jack:  I wouldn't hold my breath.
     Emperor MAR:  I would...

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