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Controversial: Judge Flagswarth L. Kabon
  A confusing sentencing was handed out recently by Piemerican Judge Flagswarth L. Kabon.
  Petey McMonisworth was sentenced to "a public spilling" & "the man owned a lawn chair." This should come at no surprise because the last sentence that Kabon gave out was "Honey where are the keys?" before driving away.
  Mr. McMonisworth walked out of court with his head held high because of the many birds circling overhead. When asked about how he felt about the sentencing Mr. McMonisworth was quoted to be "confused."
  After spending weeks in ignorance, because this story was not reported earlier, the people of Piemerica have finally found out what this trying sentence was yesterday. Mr. McMonisworth was sat down on a stage with a delightful dinner in front of him, & after many loud purposely audible distractions Mr. McMonisworth spilled his beverage & was embarrassed in front of the large mob.. uh crowd. A shocked crowd learned from Judge Kabon that this was actually "the man owned a lawn chair" portion of the sentence. Judge Kabon then preceded to give Mr. McMonisworth a modern haircut & 'forced' him to cry eight yards away from an onion.
  Emperor MAR was reached for comment on all of this mayhem he asked "well what was Petey's crime?" he was then told "shoplifting" & then commented "wow he must be strong!"

2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
August 12, 2004