Now that Piemerica is back in the swing of things Piemerica will once again be lazy & give you crappy knews stories like this one:
Piemerican Knews: Boy in Well
There was a boy stuck in a well today. Yep, ole Tubby McTubster a 36 year old male, who is well over 300lbs, got stuck in a well. Tubby was chased by some sunlight & decided to lay low in a well until sundown. Well ole Tubby was just a bit too chunky to fit. The sun caught up to Tubby & boy did it do a number on him or what? The sun scorched Tubby's flab filled skin for nearly 3 hours from about 1a.m. to 4p.m. Farmer Cauld Birk found ole Tubby & pulled him out of the well so quick that he got stuck too. Well after yesterday's The Weather Channel fiasco Piemerican Officers Of Police department (POOPd) was not around to help the pair. Piemerican Knews went to the well to ask the 2 what they think about being in a well & they both just said, "Get me out of this well!" I'm sure ole Tubby just wants to get out of that well before the sun comes back late tonight.

2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by (The Joe) Legend