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Issue 2- December 2006
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2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
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The name Mr. Gottfried Vos Goethe (211) is a mix of the names of three people with some of the highest IQ's ever. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (210), Marilyn vos Savant (186), & Gottfried Leibniz (205).
Mrs. Debs Marx is a mix of the names of Socialists Eugene V. Debs (five-time Socialist Party of America candidate for President of the United States) & Karl Heinrich Marx (the so-called father of communism).
Vlad refers to Vladimir Lenin first leader of the Soviet Union
Mrs. Marx says good night to Rich referring to Karl Heinrich Marx.
A parabolic microphone is the kind that is used for hearing from far away and has a dish like item around it.
Russian Translation: "Honey you get the hammer and I will get the Sickle."
A glial cell is one that provides support and protection for neurons in the brain.

Kidz Korner
Computers being mailmen references this lesson from 4/9/02 "Computers are afraid of dogs because in a way they have become mail men."
The name Nexus Pink Seasoner references the name Nexus Green which Emperor MAR wanted to name his son. Joenan (Corey Spicer) also liked this named and came up with the idea of naming a girl Nexus Pink. Both of their wives hated the names.